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Happy New Year's Eve, everyone! We hope you enjoy a fun, safe evening ringing in 2018!

Here are some fun facts about New Year's Eve to get you pumped up for tonight:

  • The very first New Year's Eve was celebrated 4,000 years by the ancient Babylonians.
  • Celebrating with friends and family is a tradition because legend has it the first people you see will either give you good or bad luck; make sure you look at someone who likes you!
  • The first ball drop in Times Square New York was in 1907. They used the ball, covered in 25 watt bulbs, because of a fireworks ban. Now the ball " weighs 11,875 pounds, is 12 feet in diameter and is adorned with 2,668 Waterford crystals" (International Business Times).
  • The classic New Year's song, "Auld Lang
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We can't all be in New York City this New Year's Eve, so here are some places you can ring in the New Year in Calgary: 

Olympic Plaza || Outdoor Party ||  "No matter what your musical taste is, we’ve got it covered. An amazing line-up of local artists will provide a musical backdrop to your night as the Countdown Ball presented by Downtown Calgary will drop at midnight. The night will conclude with the ENMAX fireworks display welcoming 2018 to Calgary. The fireworks will begin from the Calgary Tower before continuing from the roof of City Hall" (City of Calgary). 

City Hall || Family Party || "The Municipal Building will become party central with music, entertainment, and a glow-in-the-dark resolution wall. Dress in neon or white and anything that

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The New Year is a great opportunity to set up  goals and make resolutions. While statistics show that the average person sticks to their resolution for barely a week and a half, there is nothing wrong with positive thinking. 

What are your resolutions for the New Year? At Team Ken Richter we all have different resolutions, from improving our posture to making time for rest on Sundays.

Here are ten of the most popular New Year's Eve Resolutions:

  1. Exercise more / Lose Weight
  2. Quit Smoking / Drinking
  3. Spend more time with friends and family
  4. Find a new job
  5. Save more money / pay off debt
  6. Travel
  7. Learn how to ______
  8. Spend less time online
  9. Find love
  10. Volunteer More

These are all great aspirations that we encourage everyone

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Christmas may be over, but for most people the post-Christmas clean up is far from over (or even begun, for that matter). Thankfully in Calgary, systems are in place to make your Christmas clean up easier than ever! A big part of this is thanks to our three carts: the black waste one, the blue recycling one and the green compost one. 

Here is what Christmas waste goes where:

  • Real Trees: Cut them up and put them in the green bin. The lid MUST be able to close. If you have extra branches, bundle them up with natural twine and set them beside the bin. If your tree is just too big, there will be tree drop-off points around the city coming soon (we will let you know when on our Facebook page). 
  • Fake Trees: We always recommend you donate them
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With December 31st just 5 d days away, 2017 is almost over! Not only is New Year's Eve a time to welcome in the new year, but it is a time to reflect on the last year. It doesn't matter where you do this, but having loved ones around you is a great way to mark the occasion. With that in mind, here are some tips on how to throw an incredible New Year's Eve party for your family and friends: 

1). Make your home your venue. You don't need to spend thousands of dollars throwing a rager; keep it simple and at home. If your guest list gets to big, see if someone with a larger space would be okay with you hosting it there! Just make sure to clean up afterwards.

2). Keep decorations simple. Black and gold balloons and streamers are inexpensive and easy to

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“Christmas – that magic blanket that wraps itself around us, that something so intangible that it is like a fragrance. It may weave a spell of nostalgia. Christmas may be a day of feasting, or of prayer, but always it will be a day of remembrance – a day in which we think of everything we have ever loved.” - Augusta E. Rundel

We wish you and your loved ones all the best this Christmas season. Take time to rest, reflect and have fun with those you love! Thank you for your continued support, we are looking forward to another great year ahead!


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Happy Christmas Eve, everyone! 

Do you have little ones waiting for Santa to stop by tonight? We have good news for them: they can track Santa using the official NORAD Santa Tracker. 

They can see exactly where he is in the world, watch videos of him flying over other cities and get warnings when he is close by and it is time for bed; after all, Santa can't stop by until everyone is asleep!

Visit to track Santa tonight! 

Have a great Christmas Eve, everyone! 


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Scrambling for a last minute gift? Here are some ideas for every person in your life:

  • For your Nerdy co-worker:  A subscription to LootCrate, which is a box delivered monthly that is filled with fandom paraphernalia. With exclusive collectors items, comics, t-shirts and more this is a sure winner and the gift the keeps giving every month.
  • For that niece you are trying to reconnect with: A boss babe mug from Indigo and Mindy Kaling's book "Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?" Hot tip: read the book before you wrap it. It is hilarious and insightful and your niece will think you are the coolest. 
  • For your child's piano teacher: A Starbucks gift card and tumbler (which are on sale right now, by the way). Yes, this is a classic gift that many
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In Calgary we are blessed (and somewhat stressed) to get all four seasons. It means that in the spring we get rain and fresh blooms, that the summer brings hot sunny days, the in the fall we can walk through crunchy golden leaves, and that in the winter we get a blanket of snow over beautiful Calgary. In many other places in the world, they are lucky to experience two seasons, let alone all four. 

Because we get all four seasons, Calgary has worked hard to make sure that there are activity opportunities for residents no matter what the weather looks like outside. One way they have done this is by efficiently transforming sites from season to season, adapting to each new need. The best example of this is the Bowness Lagoon. 

The Bowness Lagoon has

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