Alberta Out-Trips

We live in an absolutely stunning province. Alberta is world-renowned—people travel from all across the world to visit our fantastic province. Big blue skies and mountain views are hard to come by, and if you ask anyone who has traveled lots or moved elsewhere, they always remark on the beauty of the land being one of the things they miss most.

We are so lucky to live in this beautiful province, and as such, we need to take advantage of all it has to offer! So many people live their life saying “It’s RIGHT here, I’ll get to it eventually…” and then never do! So, make sure to check out the following perfect places to explore Alberta and soak in all the beauty this land has to offer!

The Grotto: The Grotto is located just outside of Canmore. You can hike up a riverbed that has eroded away the land, leaving tall mountainous rocks on either side. Look carefully at the side of these rock walls for drawings from ancient native tribes! Keep on hiking for a beautiful waterfall on the right and cave further down the grotto to your left that are great places to explore!

Waterton National Park: If you love beautiful mountain views, crystal clear waters, gorgeous old Lodge’s and quaint ice-cream shops, this is the place for you! It makes the perfect day trip, and expect lots of bear sightings on the way! The town of Waterton is nestled right between the foothills and the mountains and is perfect for lakeside picnics and breathtaking views!

Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump: This is a world heritage site that is a wonderful way to not only see something incredible, but to see something historical! You can walk along the cliff that the Buffalo used to be herded off of, explore the museum, and take in the beautiful prairies all at once! This is a great place for you to enjoy a day in the sun and always learn something new.

Go explore and find something amazing! Fill up the tank of your vehicle with gas and drive through all the beautiful landscapes and small towns Alberta has. You’ll find gems you wouldn’t have been able to discover from sitting on your couch. Go out, get active, and enjoy the beautiful weather that spring brings!

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