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Temperatures are dropping...

With the arrival of winter comes the need to prepare for the dark, snowy days ahead. It's time to get that dusty box out of the basement and unload your sweaters, long-johns, toques, mittens and fuzzy socks. Lawn chairs need to be replaced with shovels as flower pots get swapped out for snowmen. Hot soup is about to become your best friend, an electric car starter your most prized possession.

As you prepare yourself for winter, make sure that you also prepare your home for winter. Winterizing your property is incredibly important in making sure that it successfully survives the cold. If you neglect to properly winterize your home, it can get seriously damaged and won't help you stay warm, either. Here are some

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Winter is coming.

With snow arriving and more to come, it is officially time to do all the little projects you have been neglecting so far this autumn. After all, no one likes to do hard labour in the freezing cold. The weather is going to reach a high of 16 degrees on Saturday, giving you the perfect day to complete everything on your to-do list!

Autumn is a great time for finishing renovation projects you started in the spring/summer and beginning new ones to prepare your home for winter. Remember that home renovations are an important part of keeping your property up to date and in the best condition possible. They may cost you upfront, but they add incredible value to your property. We highly recommend taking regular stock of your home and

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There is no denying it, autumn has arrived and it is time to start preparing for winter. With warm weather expected this weekend, now is the perfect time to prepare your property for the long, snowy months ahead (don't get too sad, Calgary is a great place to live in the wintertime! But more on that later). We're going to miss green grass and leaves, but the autumn colors are beautiful--so lets protect them. 

Winter can wreak havoc on your lawn if you do not prepare it properly. What your lawn needs most in the wintertime is Potassium so it can stay strong, just like us. Today's Homeowner writes, "Potassium is a very important nutrient in overall plant health. It works at the cellular level to strengthen and harden plants from top to bottom, making

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Gardening season is upon us, and the secret to a great garden is great soil. What makes soil great? Compost!

Thanks to the City of Calgary, every home has a Green Compost Bin. You can regularly put compost waste in it for collection, or you can keep it inside your yard and do your own thing. If you choose to make your own compost, here is what you need to do:

Add Base: Food scraps are the base for your compost. You can basically compost any kind of food, except for meat & dairy products. This is because meat and dairy will attract rodents and maggots, but also compromises the nutrient balance of the compost. Have a mini compost container in your kitchen for easy access, then regularly dump it into your compost bin outside and clean it to reduce the

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They say there is nothing quite like home-sweet-home, and they're right. Our homes are where our families grow, our treasured possessions are kept, our pictures are on the wall and our memories are made. When we're not at home, we crave our bed and miss knowing just how much to turn the tap to get the perfect temperature of water. Our homes are deeply personal, a major part of our lives. 

Perhaps we're getting sentimental. After all, Valentine's Day is just one week away. However, we are firm believers in the importance of a home, not only because so many people are not fortunate enough to have one, but because homes do play a major role in our lives. 

We love our home! But do we always treat it with love? No. Sometimes we let it fall into

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In the New Year many people make personal resolutions, such as losing weight, advancing in their career, paying off debt, etc. Kicking off the new year with specific goals in mind will help you stay focused. There is nothing quite like the start of a new year, in this case 2018, to inspire you to be the best you. 

Read about The Most Popular New Year's Resolutions. 

While many of us make personal and professional resolutions, another area of your life to set some goals for is your home! Here are some suggestions:

  • Renovate: Make this the year you finally renovate that room you have been wanting to forever, or to finish a renovation you began but abandoned. You don't have to complete it in one day; you can do it in phases. Looking for advice
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Happy May Long Weekend!

We hope you use the extra day this weekend to spend time doing something you love with the people you love. One popular activity during the may long weekend is to do some spring cleaning. This may not be something you love, but it is important to keep your home in tip-top condition!

We have written many articles in the past about spring cleaning, so we are confident that by now you are well-versed in it. However, one aspect of spring cleaning that often gets overlooked or is handled without care is the waste side of it. Once you have your pile of throw away (you remember the three piles to make while spring cleaning: keep, donate, throw away), it can be tempting to throw it all in the landfill and be done with it. However,

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photo source: Scoop.It!Spring is officially here, and judging by weather forecasts, it may be around to stay. This means that Calgary is entering into a phase known as ‘The Great Thaw.’ The Great Thaw is that time of year when month-old piles of frozen snow begin to melt, when foundations begin to settle back in and when the trees start to stretch their limbs. Calgary is getting ready to say goodbye to another long winter and to welcome a fresh spring.

The Great Thaw is a beautiful, exciting time of year. Calgary’s colour palette turns back from grey to green. Outdoor sporting events, BBQ’s, evening walks and blooming flower beds are on the horizon. However, The Great Thaw also comes with its own unique set of challenges. At the foremost of these challenges is the effects it

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With Christmas quickly approaching many people are preparing to leave for vacation. Along with making sure you pack enough pairs of socks and that book you’ve been meaning to read, make sure that you also prepare your home for your absence. The most important thing you need to do to keep your home safe over the holidays is to make it appear occupied and well looked after. There are a number of ways you can do this:

Leave A Light Leaving a light on makes it look like someone is always home. Leaving a light on all the time is not very energy efficient, though. This is why we recommend investing in a light that you can control via your smartphone to turn on and off at certain times while you are away.

Turn On The Radio: Leaving a radio on is not only

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Every fall we write about winterizing your home. This is because properly winterizing your home is extremely important. Your property is precious and valuable, do not risk it being damaged. Think of it like a child you need to bundle up in the wintertime. This winter is predicted to be especially cold and snowy, so if there were ever a time to winterize, it’s now.

First things first, make sure the structure of your home is in top condition. Pay particular attention to the roof, windowsills and siding. Winter can get wet quickly with Calgary chinooks, so limiting your chances of leakage is crucial. Heavy snow can also collapse already damaged roofs, so again, take care of these right away.

Pipes can be another major problem area, especially if your

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