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March 20th was the first official day of spring. Crazy, right? Since then we have had a number of snowstorms and cloudy skies, most notably yesterday when it snowed all day long. The good news? The snow was wet and heavy, and the heat of the sunshine today has already begun to melt it. While Mother Nature seems to want to keep winter around, the sun is on our side. Thank goodness!

Regardless of how high our snow piles still are, the beautiful reality is that it is, in fact, spring. Around this time is when our homes transition out of winter. We begin to pack away our snow pants and mittens (with a knock on wood), any remaining Christmas lights get taken down, moody blues and rich reds are replaced with pastels, and we decide to force spring into

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Spring is here and each day more and more of Calgary blossoms and comes alive. We are so thankful that Calgary gets all four seasons, especially when beautiful weather like we have had today is the outcome. The birds are chirping, the bees are buzzing and we cannot wait to start seeing gardens come alive.

Calgary is home to some very dedicated gardeners who put hours of hard labour into creating beautiful landscapes for all to enjoy. A quick drive through most neighbourhoods will reveal many beautiful gardens, each with their own themes and plants. A drive through some of the most dedicated communities, such as Bowness and Mount Royal, are better inspiration than any Pinterest search.

For those of you looking to start your own garden or are looking

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Happy Open House!

We are so excited that you have begun your journey towards selling your house. This is a huge step that we know must have taken a lot of time and consideration. Do not be afraid, be excited; this is the start of a wonderful new chapter in your life.

Open Houses are a lot of fun. You get to stage your home to look its absolute best, share with others all the things you love so much about your property, and you get to start seeing offers roll in. However, hosting an open house comes with an element of risk. After all, there will be complete strangers wandering around your home.

Most realtors will welcome potential buyers but let them explore on their own to make them feel comfortable. This means there is a potential for something

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Having a guest room is a great luxury that you should not take for granted. Often guest rooms end up being the catch-all room in the house; they become a storage room, a fitness room, a home office, etc.. These rooms magically transform into guest rooms five minutes before your cousins arrive, which is a fun challenge, perhaps, but not exactly effecient.

While having a catch-all room is nice, it is not the best way to utilize space in your home. If you have so much stuff that you are shoving it into a spare room, chances are you could de-clutter your home significantly. That, or use the closet space in the spare room as an organized storage space with the help of IKEA.

For a guest room to genuinely be a guest room, you need to be committed to it.

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Welcome to our closet edition of home staging!

While potential home-buyers will hopefully not be snooping through every closet in your home, some of the major closets your home features will be looked into. People want to see what kind of space they would be working with. That being said, do not think that when your home is being shown you can stuff all your miscellaneous belongings into the closet and never look inside it again.

The great thing about staging your closet is that not only will it be beneficial when it comes time for you to show off your beautiful property, but it makes keeping your things organized so much easier. Give yourself and your home a helping hand and stage your closet. Here are our top 3 tips:

1). De-cluttering. This

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This month we are going over some ways you can stage your media room. This is the room in your home that houses your books, games and T.V equipment. These rooms are really fun to decorate and stage because there is so much you can do with them. Here are some suggestions on how you can renovate, decorate and/or stage this room so that it makes the best impression possible:

A media room is where people go to escape their responsibilities. Make sure that this room caters to this by being cozy, welcoming and secluded. We recommend the walls be painted darker colours, such as navy blue, maroon, evergreen, grey, etc. These colours are relaxing and heavy, making people want to settle in and relax. Furniture should also be deep colours with lots of cushions

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The Christmas season is upon us! With the end of November festivities, lights are being strung and trees are being put up. Lots of people like to go all out with their Christmas decorations. However, if you are trying to sell your home, there is a dilemma: on one hand decorating will make your home seem warm and cozy, on the other hand no one wants to set up all their decorations only to pack them up right away upon sale. Also, Christmas decorations can make spaces crowded and busy. So, what is the solution?

When you are trying to sell your home over the holidays, it is important to do some decorating. However, it needs to be minimal, simple and effective. Here are some ideas of decor options to get you started:

Front Door: Rather than putting a

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Nothing quite fills up our homes faster than furniture. A couch here, dresser there, bookshelf in the corner, coffee table by the TV… it all adds up very quickly. This is an especially large issue for those with smaller homes and tight spaces to work around. The reality is some things, like a bed and a couch, are essentials in any home. However, they also eat up precious space and can make rooms seem small and cluttered.

This becomes an important issue when you try to sell your home. You end up with two options: leaving everything out or storing everything. Leaving everything out is the simplest, but it means potential buyers will be climbing over furniture to see your place. Storing stuff may seem like an easy solution, but the effort of moving

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When people are staging their homes one commonly overlooked area is the entryway. It is just for shoes and coats, right? Wrong! Your entryway sets the tone for the entire interior of your home. Do not let it go neglected. Here are some home staging tips to help you get your entryway ready for your next showing:

First things first, de-clutter. Entryways are a common place for old shoes, winter jackets, gym bags, sports equipment, pet toys and more to build up. Start your staging by going through everything in the entryway and deciding whether it is essential to have there or not. Create three piles of things: keep, pack, donate.

Invest in some organization tools. Purchase new coat hangers, a shoe rack, little crates for scarves and mittens, etc. Also

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Kitchens are one of the most frequently used areas of the home, making it understandable that they often experience the most wear and tear. Kitchens are an area where dust and grime can build up quickly if left unattended, making them one area potential buyers will zero in on quickly to see what the level of cleanliness is in your home. When it comes to home staging, kitchens cannot go neglected.

Here are some easy ways to fix up your kitchen without having to completely remodel it. Doing this will be good for your wallet and good for your home, along with making it a much more aesthetically pleasing space for buyers.

1), Wipe down all surfaces and re-paint where needed. Using a simple mix of water and vinegar helps clean away dirt, stains and

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