Monthly Household Tip

Here are three home maintenance tips to think about addressing now that the gorgeous spring, actually almost summer, weather has arrived!

Wash Your Windows: The one thing that it is easy to neglect (or purposely avoid!) is cleaning your windows. After all the recent rainy weather they really are going to need it. If ladders are not your thing spend the extra few dollars to call in a professional window washing company to do those tricky second story windows. There’s nothing like the sun shining through sparkling windows to lift your spirits!

Power Wash the Exterior: Power washing is one of most efficient and cost-effective ways to clean off the dirt that’s built up on your home’s exterior after being exposed to the elements over the messy winter and spring months. Most surfaces from stucco, vinyl siding, wood and brick, to patios, porches and walkways can benefit from a good power washing and overall, give your home a quick facelift!

Check the Roof, Gutters & Downspouts: Checking the roof, gutters and downspouts is an easy job to put off. Kind of ‘out of sight, out of mind’! It’s important to repair any loose or missing shingles to avoid leakage and damage to the interior ceiling of your home, and critical to clean leaves and debris from your gutters and downspouts as build up and cause damage and prevent the water from draining properly.

Check back with Team Ken Richter next month for more Household Tips! 

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Ken Richter

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