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The Merriam Webster Dictionary defines downsizing as "undergoing a reduction in size." Downsizing is sometimes used as a negative--a company may let go employees when forced to downsize due to a bad bottom line--but sometimes used as a positive--like when we clear out the clutter in our life. There are also positives and negatives when it comes to downsizing our home.

Buying a smaller home can be as liberating as it is hard work. However, if it is what is best for you and your family, it is worth it. If you are contemplating downsizing to a smaller home, make sure you think through the following carefully.

Positives to Downsizing:

  • Home maintenance ease (both indoors and outdoors).
  • Fewer Home Expenses
  • Investment Diversification &
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When you are preparing to sell your home, getting a CMA is crucial in determining the worth of your home and what a good asking price will be. So what is a CMA?

CMA stands for Comparative Market Analysis. A CMA is used by realtors to calculate the market value of a property they are selling before they list it. As a homeowner, you may have some idea of what your home is worth based on your own knowledge of the area and property itself. However, we highly suggest you have a real estate professional, such as ourselves, complete an official CMA for you. It will be your second greatest asset in the selling process; the first greatest asset being us, your real estate agent!

A lot goes into a CMA, such as:

Location: Where is your property located?

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At Team Ken Richter we know that properties don't just sell themselves. This is why we have an in-depth, tried and true marketing plan set in place to make sure that great homes find great buyers. Read all about our marketing plan here. 

Right now the Calgary real estate market has a lot of inventory. With more homes available to buyers, sellers need to make sure their home has a competitive advantage over the others. Here are some ways you can make your home stand apart from the rest:

Make Sure The Price is Right: Properties priced at market value generate more buyer interest. When you list a home for more than it is worth, buyers will be immediately turned off. When you list a home for way less than it is worth, you miss out on the chance to get

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One of the most important things you can do when selling your home is to stage it properly. Staging is the art of presenting your home in its best possible light. When staging your home you want buyers to come away remembering it as clean, bright and open. They should be able to picture themselves lounging on the couch in the living room or having breakfast in the kitchen.

If you are looking for an idea of what a well-staged home looks like, visit a staged new infill. There are professionals you can hire to stage your home for you, as you will see in a show home. You can also stage your home yourself. Check out this link to read all of our blogs on home staging! 

Home staging is easy, but what about during the holidays? What if you want to

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We get it, your house is beautiful and perfect just the way it is. You scrubbed it clean and bought one of those timed Febreeze air fresheners. There is a handful of chocolates on the table and the closet doors are all closed to hide any mess. Your house is now ready for an open house, right? 

Wrong. Presenting your home to potential buyers with an open house is going to make a lasting first impression--make sure it's a good one. 

Hosting an open house is a great way to let potential buyers see exactly how great your home would be for them. It is personal, interactive and powerful. Most people do not make offers on a house because of online listing photos or a referral alone. While these things establish an expectation, they are rarely what sells

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Selling your home is a lot of work. There is lots of purging, cleaning, re-organizing, packing, viewing, moving and setting up to be done. Add kids to the mix, and it is a task for only the strongest of heart. However, know that the task ahead is not impossible. You have extra bodies to coordinate, but it has been done successfully before and can be done successfully again.

Realize that your kids are as much a part of the move as you are. They are going to have to say goodbye to the property and all the memories they made. They might be preparing to leave friends behind. They may not understand why you are moving to begin with. This is a huge deal for everyone involved. 

Get your kids excited about the moving process. Explain to them why you are

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Spring has arrived in Calgary! The grass is green and the flowers are in bloom. People are beginning to venture outside and play again as Calgary warms up for the summertime. Another thing that is warming up is the housing market.

Spring is always the most popular time in real estate. While other times of the year experience peaks in the market, spring is consistently active in the selling, buying, investing and renting sectors. There are a number of reasons why spring is the most popular time to enter the market.

Read on to find out why and how you can reap the rewards of such an active time in real estate.

First and foremost, the timing is ideal. Spring is a time of change and transition. University students are moving for the summer or

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Happy Open House!

We are so excited that you have begun your journey towards selling your house. This is a huge step that we know must have taken a lot of time and consideration. Do not be afraid, be excited; this is the start of a wonderful new chapter in your life.

Open Houses are a lot of fun. You get to stage your home to look its absolute best, share with others all the things you love so much about your property, and you get to start seeing offers roll in. However, hosting an open house comes with an element of risk. After all, there will be complete strangers wandering around your home.

Most realtors will welcome potential buyers but let them explore on their own to make them feel comfortable. This means there is a potential for something

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In this day and age people have access to information that makes it easier for them to act as their own realtor. A google search can provide a list of homes are on the market, you can research all you need to know to help you close a deal, etc. However, nothing will ever outweigh the value of partnering with a realtor. Sure, you may save some costs. But what you lose in experience, knowledge and expertise is invaluable.

Here are the top 3 reasons why having a realtor is so useful:

1). Experience: Here at Team Ken Richter we like to make sure our clients know that our experience is their advantage. With over 30 years of experience, we have truly seen it all. We have weathered many different market conditions, helped all different types of buyers and

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Spring is here and with the budding trees comes the start of a busy open house season. With the weather so gorgeous it is the perfect opportunity for taking a lazy Saturday, getting a coffee and browsing through some of the beautiful properties on the market.

When you’re preparing to host your own open house, there is a lot you can do to make a good first impression. Today we go through how you can captivate each sense of potential buyers. Hosting an open house is more than having a property to offer, after all,

Sight: Captivate people’s sight by making a good first impression. Your front yard should be trimmed and taken care off, the sidewalk clean and the entryway free of clutter. The indoors should be just was well kept. Check out our past blog

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