Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring is in the air! This week the weather has been absolutely gorgeous, and all of us here at Team Ken Richter sincerely hope it lasts. Spring in March is such a treat, and we are basking in every single glorious moment. Soon the brown grass and empty trees will become green once more, and as the flowers bloom so will the real estate market.

The spring is always a popular time for people to sell their homes because the weather is much more amiable and has everyone looking for something fresh! With sunshine pouring in the windows of your home, a flowery breeze dancing through the rooms, and the walkway clear of snow, buyers will automatically associate your home with everything lovely about the spring. However, your house will not go from chilly and dark to sparkling and fresh overnight.

Spring cleaning is essential for home owners looking to sell their home as soon as winter ends. It is a fantastic time to enter the market, so don’t miss out! Read these easy and helpful tips to get your home ready for its spring debut!

Sometimes painting is not in the budget, but washing the walls of your home can make the colour you’ve had for years pop once more. There are various cleaning solutions you can buy, but make sure to test them out somewhere inconspicuous incase they don’t react well with the paint. Walls can collect dust and grime just like countertops, so a wash will make them seem fresh and clean once more!

Dust everything! Dust builds up a lot in the winter when doors are sealed from any disturbing breeze and things aren’t moved around as much. You will never realize how much dust there is in your home until you have wiped it off everything: lampshades, picture frames, windowsills, tabletops, etc.!

Kitchen’s and bathrooms are two areas of a home that buyers are particularly interested in, and they are areas buyers will expect to be especially clean. Scrub everything down, paying special attention to the gunk that builds up in the cracks of tiles and dirty wash towels and curtains. The countertops and sinks should be sparkling!

Don’t forget the outside of your house. Mow your lawn and tidy up your flowerbed by removing dead leaves, branches and any miscellaneous garbage. Although your foliage may not be growing in quite yet, trim what you can to give everything a fresh, blossoming feel. Power-wash the outside of your home for an extra touch! It will remove dirt stains and water streaks from snow.

We will be sharing some more spring cleaning information later on in April, but for now follow these easy steps to spruce up your home for potential buyers. This is an excellent time to enter the market, so you need to be ready. Have fun!

Your Real Estate Professional,

Ken Richter

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