10 Reasons We Love YYC

In honour of Valentine’s day tomorrow, we thought we would share our top ten reasons why we love YYC! Calgary is such a fantastic city, and we are so proud to call it home. Here are a few of the wonderful things that everyone loves about this amazing city:

1). Calgary is incredibly close to mountains! Great towns like Canmore and Banff, nestled quaintly in the mountains, are only a mere hours drive out of the city! This makes Calgary the ideal place for people who love to hike, travel, and explore.

2). Downtown life in Calgary is thriving! The city has done a fantastic job of making downtown a safe and fun place to be! With beautiful art instalments, old buildings, and easy transit access makes downtown Calgary a fantastic place to explore!

3). Calgary has such a strong local entrepreneurship spirit. Small shops and business are able to thrive in this fantastic community that values innovation creators. Check out your local small businesses!

4). After the 2013 flood, Calgarians banded together to help one another recover. In fact, the City had to turn down volunteers because there were so many people who wanted to help! While the floods affects will last for a long time yet, Calgary was able to bounce back quickly thanks to its amazing citizens!

5). Canada may be cold, but in Calgary we get chinooks and sunshine! They are such a lovely respite from the long winters, and they help melt the snow and ice quickly so that when spring arrives, we get to dive right in!

6). Stampede. Need we say more? It’s been a tradition for over a hundred years now, and it gets better every summer!

7). Calgary has been expanding so much recently, and because of this new communities are always springing up! City planners have really focused on making sure that those communities are family friendly and safe, encouraging, fun environments for everyone who lives there! Calgary has also done a fantastic job of maintaining and cleaning up existing communities!

8). This city is a mosaic of cultures. Everyone is respected and valued, and their cultures are celebrated as important pieces in making the overall culture of Calgary one that is admired by all!

9). Calgary has a plethora of resources for people to enjoy: parks, the Zoo, the Science Centre, Heritage Park, COP, and so many more great places are available to all who come to Calgary! Take advantage

10). Last but not least, guess which city has the WORLD’s best Mayor? We do! And that is no exaggeration, Mayor Nenshi recently just won a world-wide competition that earned him the title! He has been a force to be reckoned with, and such a great leader for YYC! We are so thankful for him!

Those are only ten of the hundreds of reasons why we love YYC! Why do you love Calgary? Tell us in the comment section below!

Your Real Estate Professional,

Ken Richter

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