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A property that doesn’t generate as much interest and sell as quickly as expected isn’t necessarily one that’s flawed. There are several reasons why perfectly good homes linger on the market. Below are some of the most common.

•It’s overpriced. This is the top reason why quality properties don’t sell more quickly. Buyers tend to assume, rightly or wrongly, that a seller whose home is priced above fair market value isn’t serious about selling or open to negotiating. As such, buyers may feel they’d be wasting their time by even making an offer.

•It doesn’t show well. A home may have excellent “bone structure”, be fairly priced, and boast a great location, but if it doesn’t perform well at showings, it won’t sell quickly. What makes for a poor…

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Whether you’re looking for your next home now or you’re planning to pound the pavement this spring, be sure to avoid these home-hunting “don’ts”.

If possible, don’t bring the kids – at least not in the initial home-hunting stages. They can divert your attention from where it needs to be: on the homes. Also, children tend to either love or hate each property, so it’s best not to bring them along until you’ve objectively narrowed your search down to the serious candidates, at which time you’ll want their input. D

on’t bite off more than you can chew. Filter your search to a defined area; if you run all over town without focus, you’re bound to tire sooner. And don’t schedule too many showings for the same day – you might find yourself suffering from…

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