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Before a serious buyer makes an offer on your home, he may want to have a professional home inspector check your house from top to bottom.

The option of hiring a professional home inspector is open to you, the seller, as well. An inspection in advance of putting your home on the market is a good idea. It will allow you ample time to fix the things that you may not have known about, ultimately allowing you to ask for and receive a better price for your home. Providing a pre-inspection may also reassure prospective buyers that no major surprises are in store. Better you find them and take care of them before an inspector hired by a potential buyer discovers them!

If you need a referral to a quality inspector, contact us!

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Choosing to make the right upgrades to your home can improve its resale value. Most realtors recommend a fresh coat of paint before putting up the for sale sign. Since paint colour can have such a dramatic effect on a room, using a neutral-coloured palette will help to de-personalize the space. This allows potential buyers to envision how their personal taste will work in their new environment. Overall, choosing the right shade of paint can not only improve your return on investment, but can increase the appeal of your home and help you sell it!

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Clean or change the filter on your furnace regularly so that it will run more efficiently. Dirty filters can increase operating costs and affect the life and efficiency of heating and air conditioning equipment. If the filter is reusable, remove it, wash down with a hose and then re-insert. Otherwise, you’ll want to replace it with a new one.

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