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Team Ken Richter would like to thank all of the community and City of Calgary volunteers, first responders, rescue workers, non-profit organizations, businesses, government agencies and everyone aiding in the effort to help the flood victims of Bow Crescent, Bowness & Montgomery, the city of Calgary and all of southern Alberta.While there’s much to do, the next step in the recovery and reconstruction effort will focus on supporting and helping the community achieve their goals to clean up and rebuild as quickly as possible.

This has been a unique opportunity to reach out to help our neighbors and our communities and our ability to rebound quickly from recent events has much to do with the kind of spirit that makes this community great. Together, we…

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Having a roommate is an adventure.

Many people end up becoming the best of friends with their roommates, creating a friendship that can last a lifetime. If you get along well with the person sharing a space with you, it makes living with them so much easier! There will always be things you don’t always agree on, but it is always nice to come home to a friend.

On the other hand, having a roommate could be a nightmare. If you don’t get along well with the person you are living in close proximity to, it can make for a world of miscommunication, purposeful negligence, and passive-aggressiveness that makes home less welcoming than it ought to be.

Since none of us are big fans of the later happening, we want to make sure that your situation falls…

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Here are three home maintenance tips to think about addressing now that the gorgeous spring, actually almost summer, weather has arrived!

Wash Your Windows: The one thing that it is easy to neglect (or purposely avoid!) is cleaning your windows. After all the recent rainy weather they really are going to need it. If ladders are not your thing spend the extra few dollars to call in a professional window washing company to do those tricky second story windows. There’s nothing like the sun shining through sparkling windows to lift your spirits!

Power Wash the Exterior: Power washing is one of most efficient and cost-effective ways to clean off the dirt that’s built up on your home’s exterior after being exposed to the elements over the messy winter and…

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