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It’s time to spread your wings. Time to fly from the nest you once called home and find your own. Whether you are moving for school, work, or simply just to have an adventure, it’s a big deal! You’ll have to learn how to maintain a home, shop for groceries, and did you know that Wifi costs actual money?

Chances are that one of your many firsts in moving out on your own will be finding a home to live in! It can be rather daunting when you look at all the options, percentages, prices, and glamour of it all. However, fear not!

A realtor is your ‘in’ into the world of real estate. Your agent wants to help you find the perfect beginners property, so utilize them to the full extent of their abilities!

To help aid the process, we have come up with a…

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When buyers initially purchase a home one of the first things they want to do is customize it. They want it to truly feel like their home, rather than a piece of property they pay a mortgage on.

One of the first steps most homeowners take in creating an atmosphere that is truly theirs is painting. Often times, walls are painted to match their favorite color or the furniture. However, what if someone was to suggest that color preferences and furniture compatibility should have absolutely nothing to do with what colors are chosen for painting?

What most people neglect to remember is that there is a psychology to colors: different ones stimulate different emotional responses that can affect the atmosphere of each room. Want to maximize room aesthetics…

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Summer is a great time to live in Calgary! As a city that does not get to see much of the beautiful season we all know and love, Calgary has learned to take advantage of the short summers and provides a wealth of activities for citizens to enjoy while it is still hot and sunny outside! Here are our top ten picks (in no particular order) of great activities to partake in and places to check out during this gorgeous summer!

1). Movie in the Park: We have all seen these in adorable romantic comedies. Prepare to live the fantasy at your local park this summer! Calgary hosts movies in the park all summer long in different places across the city. Bring a blanket, pack some treats, and head out for a movie under the stars with friends and family! Check out…

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