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Autumn has arrived, and so has everything that we love about the Fall! Cozy Scarves, sweaters, crunchy leaves, Halloween costumes, jack-o-lanterns, pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin pies, pumpkin candles, pumpkin treats—pumpkin everything, essentially.

What was your favourite thing to do in the Fall when you were a child? For most people it was jumping in a big pile of crunchy leaves and laughing the day away. Perhaps nowadays those leaves are much less enchanting than they were before. Perhaps, for some of you, those leaves are just a total hassle. If this is the case for you, we have a plan!

While the leaves are beautiful, they are bad for your lawn because they trap snow, disabling the water from going into your grass and soil—the place it needs to…

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Autumn is one of the most underrated seasons that Alberta has to offer. This is typically due to the fact that because of the Northern weather we all are subject to, summer is typically swept away September 1st and immediately replaced with frosty mornings and fluffy white stuff.

This year has been fantastic. Albeit that freak snowstorm back in September, summer has slowly stretched her limbs and transitioned into an absolutely gorgeous fall. The trees that were so damaged from the snow have shown tremendous amounts of resilience and are looking incredible.

This does not happen often, so take advantage of it! We are counting off our top three favourite places to go here close to home if you want to see the beautiful fall colours Alberta has to offer…

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Avenue Magazine polled their readers recently, asking them if they believed their neighborhood had high property value.
The responses were complied and guess who made the top of the list? Montgomery and Bowness!

Both neighborhoods are ones that Team Ken Richter has been specializing in for years. With plenty of experience, Ken leads the way as not only one of Montgomery and Bowness’ top realtors, but one of Calgary’s top realtors. Why does Team Ken Richter like these communities so much? Here are some highlights of each:

Montgomery: Montgomery was rated number one in Avenue Magazine’s article! This does not surprise us at all—it is a fantastic neighborhood with loads to offer! With a rich history as one of Calgary’s first notable neighborhoods,…

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Buying a house is such an incredibly important decision. It is not something that homeowners do on the fly—any potential home needs to be investigated thoroughly and must be thoughtfully pursued. After all, a home is not simply four walls and a roof. A home is the garden in the backyard, the reading nook in the master bedroom, the driveway for basketball, the residents in the houses down the street, the stores and schools close by, everything that would be contained in your immediate surroundings. Remember: buying a home is not just about the property, it is about the neighborhood.

Calgary is an amazing city that is inclusive of everyone and every type of family. However, some neighborhoods cater to certain homeowners over others! Whether you have just…

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The Real Estate market sits in a fragile equilibrium that is understood by few, but should be understood by many. While you may think that understanding the market is something only your agent and other industry professionals can do, we are here to tell you that you, too, can predict what is going to happen.

You do not need professional schooling or years of experience to be able to predict where the Real Estate market is going: all you need to know are some basic terms and where to look. All of us at Team Ken Richter promise to keep you updated and help you in every way we can, too!

Your number one resource is your agent: they have loads of experience and can help explain to you why the market is headed in the direction that it is headed. This is…

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