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It is that time of the month, again! Calgary Real Estate market statistics are in!

Ready to skim this article? Here is why you should keep reading: knowing the market statistics will help you understand why the market is the way it is, allowing you to make informed decisions. Whether you are a buyer, seller, investor, or agent, understanding what the market looks like currently is incredibly important.

Rather than tell you a bunch of numbers that you probably will not remember, we have done some research and found the key points you should be aware of. Ready? Let’s learn some statistics!

The condominium apartment sector saw double-digit gains, which increased the resale market for residential housing! Condominium apartment listings increased by…

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Snow is officially on the ground, fall festivities have concluded, and Starbucks has rolled out their new seasonal drinks. Christmas has arrived. It is the most wonderful time of the year for many. There are parties to attend, cookies to bake, presents to buy, decorations to display, and concerts to practice for! While all of these things are enjoyable, they can all strain your monthly budget significantly.

Christmas may be the most wonderful time of the year, but it is also one of the most expensive times of the year. When your wallet is empty and your credit card bill is growing, Christmas becomes the furthest thing from an exciting, happy, peaceful time.

There are some easy ways you can prepare for Christmas in a way that will limit financial…

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On this Remembrance day, all of us here at Team Ken Richter would like to thank the brave men and woman who have fought for our country, and anyone that has been affected by war. Thank you, fallen soldiers, for sacrificing your lives so that we may experience freedom. Thank you, Veterans, for your courage and sacrifices. Thank you, doctors and nurses, for healing the wounded and providing support admits the trauma. Thank you, men and woman back home, who have cooked, sewed, created, wrote, and supported our troops from one generation to the next. Thank you, everyone who wears a poppy today, for standing in remembrance of the sacrifices, losses, and victories that Canada and its fellow nations have experienced. We are incredibly lucky to live in a country…

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Decorating your home is a way to put your own, personal touch on your property! It is what makes the home, your home. While simplistic additions and touches of a colour palette can go a long way, today we are going to share with you some ideas that go above and beyond. Ideas that are, one might say, absolutely inspired.

This article we are focusing on all of you lovers of the written word! The adventures you have read have captured your heart, encouraged you, and stuck with you since you were a child. Why not celebrate the stories you love? They were big parts of your life, and now they can be a big part of your home. Here are some inspired ideas for bringing elements you loved in your favourite books to your home…

Let’s start with a classic: “The…

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Nothing is more daunting than staring at a massive pile of stuff—stuff that you don’t even remember owning, let alone allowing to fill up your entire closet. There is that shag rug from your aunt that you tucked away three Christmases ago to avoid ever having to display. And look, over there is a pile of junk mail that you were waiting to recycle… last spring. Do you think you’d miss that box of clothes you haven’t worn in ten years if you gave it away? Probably not.

It is time. Time to set aside a Saturday, snap on some rubber gloves, and de-clutter!

The problem with clutter is that it builds up gradually—you don’t even notice it until it’s a major problem. That is why it is best to tackle it right away! Don’t let it build up and steal an entire…

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Happy Halloween, Calgary! Tonight is the night that your doorbell will be ringing and you’ll hear the voices of children all over the neighborhood saying, “trick-or-treat!” in their Captain America and Elsa costumes!

Halloween has got to be the most anticipated event of the year (next to Christmas, obviously) for children. It is a time for dressing up as their favourite character, person, or thing, eating as much candy as they possible can, and having fun staying up past their bedtimes! Halloween is truly what dreams are made of.

While Halloween itself is only a one-night affair, there is aftermath that parents have to deal with. We thought that on this beautiful Halloween night, we would give you some pointers!

1). Check your Children’s Candy!…

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