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For today’s post we wanted to highlight Ken Richter! He is the man behind Team Ken Richter, is loved by many Calgarians, and is responsible for wonderful contributions made to our city and the world of real estate.

Ken Richter is a native Calgarian who has witnessed the changes to this beautiful city and been part of making them happen. He originally followed his father’s footsteps by joining the International Union of Ironworkers Association. He worked as a  journeyman in the ironworkers trade, and is proud to say he was part of building Calgary’s existing skyline.

In 1985, Ken changed directions and launched his real estate career. When asked why he did this, Ken said that he “always had an interest in real estate.” He was fascinated by the…

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Finding a home: no one is naive enough to think it is going to be easy. Negotiations, research, setting up meetings–it all takes time and dedication. However, if you are willing to put in the work, you will reap the rewards of searching thoughtfully and diligently.

This is why having a good Real Estate agent is so incredibly important! You need someone who cares about your future home just as much as you do. They are going to bring the experience, expertise, and organization you need to make your house hunt a success! Team Ken Richter is very excited to journey with you, and we promise to work with you every step of the way!

We also have two big tips and tricks that you can be applying in your search to find your dream home. These are simple things…

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In honour of Valentine’s day tomorrow, we thought we would share our top ten reasons why we love YYC! Calgary is such a fantastic city, and we are so proud to call it home. Here are a few of the wonderful things that everyone loves about this amazing city:

1). Calgary is incredibly close to mountains! Great towns like Canmore and Banff, nestled quaintly in the mountains, are only a mere hours drive out of the city! This makes Calgary the ideal place for people who love to hike, travel, and explore.

2). Downtown life in Calgary is thriving! The city has done a fantastic job of making downtown a safe and fun place to be! With beautiful art instalments, old buildings, and easy transit access makes downtown Calgary a fantastic place to explore!


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On this blog we use a lot of terminology that is specific to the real estate market! This terminology comes from the many years of experience Team Ken Richter has working in this industry.

The posts where you may have noticed these unfamiliar terms the most are our monthly statistics reports! These are the reports we create with help from CREB to keep you up to date on what is going on in the world of real estate! However, no matter what post it is, we want to make sure every one is clear and understandable!

That is why today we thought it would be good to share some real estate terminology with you! Here are our top five most commonly used terms, and what they mean:

1). Inventory: This may seem fairly straight-forward, but just to clarify, when…

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It is that time of year again, folks! The new month is here, bringing a number of changes: the end to Target, the beginning of chocolate roses and adorable cards, the start of the last round of episodes for television shows. What else is new and exciting? The real estate market!

You won’t get details on February until next month. However, by understanding what happened last month, you will be able to make intellectual predictions about what the market could look like this month. That is why each month we post the previous month’s stats. You will be able to start identifying trends and recognizing changes. Without further ado, here are the statistics from January:

Without dancing around the subject, the news is that January was not an especially good…

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