March 2015

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Team Ken Richter has done it again! This 2015 awards season we are thrilled to report that we have been recognized as leaders in the industry. This is all thanks to you, our amazing clients, who have decided to partner alongside us. We hope that we can live up to these titles and continue bringing you experience, expertise and passion. Without further ado, here is the official list of the awards we are so honoured to have won:

  • Re/Max Real Estate (Central) – #1 Office Worldwide for the 16th Consecutive Year

  • #1 Office Worldwide for Number of Closed Transactions – Metro Market

  • #1 Office Worldwide for Total Sales Volume – Single Office

  • Largest Single Re/Max Office in the World

  • Ken Richter has also

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Every home owner’s worst nightmare is that one day they will decide that it is time to sell their humble abode and it will not sell. This is particularly nerve-wracking when you are working with a deadline: no one wants to be paying for two homes because the old one won’t sell. Luckily for Calgarians, this is usually not a massive problem.

Calgary is a thriving city that draws in people from all over the world who want to immerse themselves in new vocation opportunities and a strong community feel. With all these people wanting to live in YYC, homes are in high demand. That is where you come in: the homeowner with a beautiful property just waiting to be picked up.

What is the opposite of getting no offers? Getting multiple offers! This is not

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Spring is in the air! This week the weather has been absolutely gorgeous, and all of us here at Team Ken Richter sincerely hope it lasts. Spring in March is such a treat, and we are basking in every single glorious moment. Soon the brown grass and empty trees will become green once more, and as the flowers bloom so will the real estate market.

The spring is always a popular time for people to sell their homes because the weather is much more amiable and has everyone looking for something fresh! With sunshine pouring in the windows of your home, a flowery breeze dancing through the rooms, and the walkway clear of snow, buyers will automatically associate your home with everything lovely about the spring. However, your house will not go from chilly and

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As we have discussed, buying and selling a home goes beyond aesthetics. Yes, a beautiful garden and freshly painted trimming will add value to a home and make it appear more desirable. However, the building itself cannot be the only important factor. One could even argue that location is the most important thing to look at when choosing a home.

Location is important for a number of reasons, the most prevalent being that you need to find a home in an area that will suit your needs and desires. For example, if you have teenagers, finding a safe neighbourhood with good public transportation lines and nearby recreational facilities is preferable. What about the flip side? Why is location important to people selling their home?

Location is important for

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At the end of each month we turn to CREB®, the Calgary Real Estate Board, for statistics on what went on in the market that month and what consumers can expect to see in the coming month! At the end of January, we did not have the best news to report. Unfortunately, due to the significant drop in oil prices, the market was shocked out of a highly optimistic forecast for 2015 and into a month where everything slowed down. People were neither buying nor selling as unstable economic conditions loomed over the market.

We are thrilled to say that this is no longer the case! The market in February was still not at where it was forecasted to be, but that is completely understandable due to the changes in January. February was a month for recovery, and recover

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