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The resale market in Calgary’s residential sector saw a drop in units sold which has eased absorption rate. City wide sales declined by 27 percent with 1, 643 units sold in August. This is 12 percent lower than the ten year averages we have previously been on par with.

Why is this happening? “Persistent weakness in the energy sector weighed on sales activity this month, which once again retracted to levels well below the norm for the city,” said CREB® chief economist Ann-Marie Lurie. We may be back on our way to stability after the market crash, but it will still take a long time to fully recover. Luckily for us, Calgary is the ultimate comeback kid.

Weaker sales activity has resulted in properties being on the market for a longer time, the average…

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When you purchased your home you inevitably went to see the property. What was your first impression like? Chances are the home felt welcoming, clean and well maintained. While you may have been amazed at the property owner’s cleanliness and organization, they likely spent a lot of time preparing the space so it would be ready for you. Similar to how we clean our homes before visitors arrive, homeowners do the same before an open house. After all, it is about putting your best foot forward.

A lot of things are noticeably done to make a home more appealing to potential buyers. However, there are also a number of not-so-obvious things that need to happen in order for a home to be ready to be showed off. When you are selling your home, make sure you can…

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Calgary is a city that leads in innovation and conservation. We may get a bad rap for being an oil industry centre, but Calgary is actually an extremely conscientious city when it comes to keeping the environment healthy. The city does this by educating students, striving to go green as much as possible, protecting natural areas around and within the city and, most recently, giving every house a black and blue bin.

As you know by now, the black bin is for garbage and the blue bin is for recycling. This includes bottles, cardboard, paper, glass, etc. While a lot of things can go directly into this blue bin to be collected by the city, there are many things you shouldn’t put in it. The city website says it best: “When you put items that don’t belong in…

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There are many reasons why homeowners decide to change their windows, including: water leakage, drafty seams, too much condensation (which can cause mould to grow on the interior), lack of outdoor noise control, poor temperature regulation, etc.. While cracks or breaks on the surface of the window are obvious cause for immediate replacement, the listed reasons for changing your windows are gradual issues that you need to keep a cautious eye on.

Many people choose to hire a contractor to come replace their windows. This is certainly a wise idea for large and/or heavy windows that will require precise professional care. However, for your average window, you can easily replace it yourself so long as you exercise extreme control and care. Don’t be naive…

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The summer is typically a popular time for those hoping to buy and/or sell a property. With school in hiatus for the summer, backyards emerging from their snowy slumber, and vacation days stored up, many people take advantage of the time and begin their real estate journey. This is the summer trend.

If there was one word to describe the real estate market this July, it would be “consistent.” Nothing out of the norm happened. It stayed consistent with typical summer trends. While this may seem dull, it is a sigh of relief for Calgarians who have still been nervous about the market after the oil crash back at the start of the year.

Sales activity for the month of July was consistent of the 10 year average. The declines we previously saw in…

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