November 2015

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The sky growing dark by five in the evening is always a sure sign that Christmas is around the corner and that winter has arrived (incase the heaps of snow we received did not already tip you off). While people absolutely love having one more hour to sleep due to daylight savings, the sun falling quickly always seems to throw everyone off. Even when it is daytime, the shadow of winter seems to make any stray ray of light murky and grey.

During a YYC winter, everything seems grey. The snow is grey, the side of your car is grey and the skies are grey. With all this grey it becomes difficult for sunlight to give your home the extra touch of light that it would normally have. To compensate, people must turn to artificial lighting and optical illusions.

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The end of the year is quickly approaching with December just around the corner. While the real estate market is most active during the summer, now is the time you should really be buying.

There are a lot of advantages to purchasing a home before the new year, specifically if that home is new. Whether it is a new home in a developing community or an infill home, closing the deal by December 31st is a great way to leverage your home buying experience to work in your favour.

Buying a new home is a very attractive option for many individuals. There are so many bonuses to buying new, such as the following:

  • When you buy brand new you are able to work with the property’s building designer to pick wall colours, specific design ideas and all other

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There is something in the air. It bites at your cheeks and makes your nose run. It clings to your car and has turned golden fall leaves crunchy and brown. It has frozen your windows shut and has usurped your garden. The frost has arrived. It is in full force, making up for the lack of fluffy white snow. It may not look quite like winter, but it definitely is starting to feel like winter.

Monitor your home’s water systems. Water systems that are not properly winterized can do incredible damage, such as cracking your pipes, blocking flow and ruining any filtration systems. Turn off all outdoor water taps and make sure they are properly sealed for winter. Make sure that faucets indoors are all used frequently: run the hot water for a minute to clear away

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Hello, Winter!

Calgary has received its first official dump of snow. As of today, Starbucks has rolled out their holiday drinks and Christmas lights are starting to join the city skyline. It is time to say farewell to crunchy leaves and pumpkins, which we hope you did by taking them to the city wide recycling centres. For more information on that, check out the following link: City of Calgary Leaf and Pumpkin Recycling.

As our final goodbye to crisp autumn days, we have the CREB (Calgary Real Estate Board) October statistics summery. Want to learn more about real estate market conditions so you can be an informed buyer/seller/investor? Read on.

Elevated inventory levels continue to dominate the market in the resale sector which is significantly

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