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While Christmas is only ten days away, there is another big event looming. The year is almost over, which means that Tax season will be upon us before we know it.

Taxes are not fun. Whether you have a professional to do them for you or not, taxes are a massive chore that many dread all year long. For some, they look forward to receiving a cheque in the mail from the government. For others, they brace themselves for the cheque they will have to write to the government.

No matter how old you are or what your current occupation is, there are ways to save come tax season. With some strategic planning, you can prevent yourself from owing more than you need to.

Here are our top ways to save during tax season:

1). Be organized. Make sure you separate…

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The snow may be melting, but the cold nights mean that the moisture turns to slick ice. While most ice is visible to the naked eye, some ice is far more dangerous and deceptive.The city is well equipped to handle the ice on the roads, as evidenced by all the leftover salt and gravel that washes up come spring, but the sidewalks are another story.

Sidewalks in urban centres, such as downtown and shopping areas, tend to stay clear since businesses want to avoid a lawsuit. However, your personal sidewalk is your own responsibility.

There are two major reasons to keep your sidewalk and walkways clear: the first is that when snow and ice build up, it can damage the pavement and produce significant cracks. The second reason is that having lots of ice and…

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CREB® has released the November housing summary recap. Here are some of the highlights that you should be aware of:

November was not a tumultuous one for the real estate market. Despite the downward trend in activity, conditions are remaining stable enough to not cause too much worry. One good thing about less activity is that the housing market is officially a buyers market right in time for you to close a deal before the new year.

What is the headline CREB® gave the November housing statistics? “Weak sales activity relative to inventory places downward pressure on prices.”

High inventory levels in the Calgary resale sector persisted through November. These inventory levels were paired with weak sales levels, leading to a buyers market. Monthly…

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