2015 Market Predictions

CREB has been working hard to compile Calgary’s Real Estate statistics in order to help YOU make informed decisions. They have gathered information from 2014 that can give you insight into 2015 and enable you to forecast where the market is headed and how you can harness trends to your advantage.

The official report can be found at the link at the bottom of this article, but we have summarized some of the key points for you here. Make sure you check out areas that relate to you and your home! This kind of insight can make a world of a difference when it comes to making decisions about one of the largest investments you will make in your lifetime.

To recap what went on in 2014, the Calgary real estate market moved in a really positive direction! Calgary saw loads of immigration due to high employment rates. When the population and economy grows, so does the real estate market. There was a strong demand! Want more month-to-month details? Check back in our blog history for 2014 monthly reports!

2015 is expected to bring the market into even more stabilized conditions! Although people have been concerned about Calgary’s economic growth due to the oil sector dropping, the economy is expected to remain stable. Housing demand may suffer slightly due to “a drop in net migration, coupled with expected lending rate increases and energy sector uncertainty” (CREB). However, this is a good thing for the current market: this will lead to more stabilized conditions. Why? Because supply levels are expected to rise. With more supply on the market but less people competing for the supply, Calgary will move from what was a seller’s market in much of 2013 and 2014, into the perfect balance between a seller’s and a buyer’s market!

2015 is looking like it will be a fantastic year for real estate in Calgary, and we are so excited to partner with you during it! At the start of every month we post the previous months’ statistics so you can learn even more and be aware of any unexpected shifts in the market. Keep checking our blog here on our website, and make sure to give us a follow on Facebook at “Team Ken Richter Real Estate” for links to our latest posts and projects!

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