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Stairways are one of the most neglected parts of a home, particularly when staging for an open house. But who cares, it’s just stairs, right? Wrong.

Stairways are important transportation devices that carry potential buyers into and out of and up through and back down your home. In some homes, stairways are a major focal point. Most people can remember a particularly grand, beautiful set of stairs they have walked at some point. How can you make them remember your stairs?

Let’s start with the outdoors. How can you make the stairs leading up to your front door as effective as they can be? First off, stay away from extremes. Your staircase should not be so covered in decorative items that its a James Bond worthy obstacle course to get from the bottom…

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Cue the scary music: it's tax season. For most people this is the most dreaded time of the year. Taxes seem like a dark hole of confusion and money flying out of your bank account. What can you do to make it out of this season alive? Read on to find out.

There are many reasons we pay taxes, the foremost being that taxes allow the government to run expensive programs that benefit citizens, such as the military and healthcare. Think of taxes as a way the government forces you to save for upcoming expenses: pay your taxes now, little by little, and a trip to the clinic is covered. Not only are taxes important to pay, but you have to pay them or else you will be seriously penalized.

Filing your taxes does not have to be a painful experience. There are a…

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Fraud is no longer as simple and easy as putting on a costume and making a fake ID. Fraud is complex and affects more people than we realize. Fraud is carried out by highly skilled individuals who know exactly what to do to steal identity, money, property, etc. very quickly, seamlessly and quietly. Most individuals don’t know they are about to become a victim of fraud until it is too late.

There are ways to protect yourself from fraud. The biggest way to do this is by refraining from releasing your personal information into the world. This means not posting your address on social media, never giving out your social security number unless required for a job and making sure that no personal documents get stolen.

Something as simple as your cell phone…

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