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Home staging is all about helping put your home’s best foot forward. It is a way to not only make your house more desirable to potential buyers, but it enables you to to add financial and aesthetic value to the property. While your house itself needs to be fully staged, do not forget about the rest of the property. Specifically, your deck.

Deck’s fall victim to nature’s vicious ways more than most other parts of your property. Paint peels, furniture gets blown away, barbecues lay dormant and crusty. Rather than merely straightening the chairs and table before people arrive at your open house, consider doing some of the following things:

Re-varnish your deck: A fresh coat of varnish or paint can be done inexpensively and makes a massive difference.…

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What is the hottest trend for this spring and summer? Do-it-yourself indoor herb gardens. One need not look far on Pinterest or in home decorating magazines to see that the herb garden craze is blowing up this season. Why? Because herb gardens are useful in every single way imaginable.

First off, herb gardens are extremely cheap to make. Later on in this article we will walk you through how to make your own. Herb gardens are extra cost effective because it will prevent you from ever having to purchase herbs from the store. Furthermore, indoor herb gardens make homes look fresh, the liven up bland living spaces and they make the room they are in smell amazing.

There are so many benefits to making your own indoor herb garden! So, here is how you can…

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University is over for students across the globe. Some will be resting over the summer break before hitting the books again in the fall while others have graduated and get to move on to new and exciting pursuits. Either way, students everywhere are desperate for a job.

Tuition is very expensive, averaging approximately $10,000 per year for classes alone. This number does not include living expenses, textbooks or transportation. This is why during the summer months, students work hard to save enough money to pay for their upcoming school year.

Despite this, even if a person works 40+ hours a week in the four months leading up to the new school year, many still do not have enough to cover tuition. This is why students turn to student loans. The…

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At the start of every month we go over what happened in the world of the Calgary real estate market in the previous month. This enables you as a buyer, seller, investor, renter, leaser, etc. to stay up to date on exactly what is happening.

Market conditions are constantly shifting and evolving. They provide crucial information regarding a sector that involves major financial decisions. Keep yourself informed so you can be educated and informed!

So, what did the market look like in April? We’re turning to the Calgary Real Estate Board (CREB®) to find out.

The market is finally starting to shift. Inventory remains high, but prices are starting to decline as sellers become more realistic about the market they are in. Prices have been slowly falling…

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