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Nothing quite fills up our homes faster than furniture. A couch here, dresser there, bookshelf in the corner, coffee table by the TV… it all adds up very quickly. This is an especially large issue for those with smaller homes and tight spaces to work around. The reality is some things, like a bed and a couch, are essentials in any home. However, they also eat up precious space and can make rooms seem small and cluttered.

This becomes an important issue when you try to sell your home. You end up with two options: leaving everything out or storing everything. Leaving everything out is the simplest, but it means potential buyers will be climbing over furniture to see your place. Storing stuff may seem like an easy solution, but the effort of moving…

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Every fall we write about winterizing your home. This is because properly winterizing your home is extremely important. Your property is precious and valuable, do not risk it being damaged. Think of it like a child you need to bundle up in the wintertime. This winter is predicted to be especially cold and snowy, so if there were ever a time to winterize, it’s now.

First things first, make sure the structure of your home is in top condition. Pay particular attention to the roof, windowsills and siding. Winter can get wet quickly with Calgary chinooks, so limiting your chances of leakage is crucial. Heavy snow can also collapse already damaged roofs, so again, take care of these right away.

Pipes can be another major problem area, especially if your…

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Congratulations! You are ready to buy your first home. This is a huge step and we are so excited for you. Real estate is a great investment in your future. Think of it this way: instead of paying someone else every month and having that money disappear forever, you are now putting money towards something that will almost guarantee you money back one day. Not only this, but you can paint the walls, hang up things and make the place fully and truly yours.

Being a first time buyer on the market is incredibly exciting, but it can also be a little daunting. Our goal in today’s blog post is to answer some commonly asked questions first time buyers have in the hopes that you will learn something and gain a little peace of mind. Remember that here at Team Ken…

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Hello, October! The season of pumpkins and plaid is upon us. The weather is swiftly turning crispy here in YYC, but we are very happy to report that it looks as though the snow will hold off a little longer. In the meantime, we have some very important statistics to go over with you.

The word ‘statistics’ carries many negative connotations. People immediately think of the class they failed freshmen year or the report their boss is always hounding them for. However, statistics are important–especially if you are in the real estate market hoping to sell or buy a home. Staying informed is the best way to make a wise decision you will not regret come November.

Without further ado, here are the statistics from what happened in the real estate market in…

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