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New year, new me, new goals, new willpower, new drive, same…old…workspace. The problem with new years resolutions is that they are made on the balconies of ballrooms with champagne in hand, but violently actualized in the mundane spaces of years past. Everything is sparkly and new until we sit down at our old desk with our old resolutions stuffed in dusty drawers, staring at the pages of a blank notebook with the same lethargic sigh. New year, same me.

The number one most important part of beginning a new resolution is maintaining your initial drive and following through. Old workspaces do not help this. Old workspaces are filled with the remnants of past abandoned resolutions. This is why in order to keep your new resolution, you need to craft a new…

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2017 is going to be all about working towards market stability, something that has been shaky for the last two years. However, market stability will not reach all sectors of the housing market. CREB notes, “both detached and attached prices remain unchanged over 2016 levels, while apartment is forecasted to contract by another two per cent.” The stabilization of the housing market is going to be slow.

CREB chief economist Ann-Marie Lurie writes, “The transition in the housing market will be a slow process. We are entering the year with high unemployment rates and the possibility that job growth will not occur until the latter portion of 2017. These conditions will continue to weigh on housing demand, but supply is adjusting to weaker sales activity,…

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The Calgary Renovation Show is hitting the BMO Centre this weekend from January 13th – January 15th. cNot sure what this show is? You make know it was the Calgary Home + Garden Show, because it was recently re-branded. Although the name may be different this year, the quality of the show will remain and–in many cases–exceed previous years.

There are going to be over 200 vendors at the show to share their ideas and innovations with you. Whether you are looking for some inspiration for your next home renovation or are wanting to find a contractor to work with, this show promises to shower you with new ideas, innovations and contacts.

Just like in previous years, there will be keynote speakers on the MainStage. Here is the lineup for this year:

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At the start of each new month we summarize the key points from the Calgary Real Estate Board’s (CREB) report on what happened in Calgary real estate the previous month.

Many people do not like reading about statistics. The numbers seem confusing and convoluted, sometimes manipulated to produce a specific result. They leave many people feeling frustrated and even more uneducated than they were to begin with. However, when it comes to CREB’s report, we guarantee credible, clear, helpful information.  CREB is a fantastic resource for buyers, sellers, investors, agents, etc.. If you are looking for information on the real estate market, they should be your #1 resource.

There is an important reason why we consistently relay the CREB report to you:…

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