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Happy Open House!

We are so excited that you have begun your journey towards selling your house. This is a huge step that we know must have taken a lot of time and consideration. Do not be afraid, be excited; this is the start of a wonderful new chapter in your life.

Open Houses are a lot of fun. You get to stage your home to look its absolute best, share with others all the things you love so much about your property, and you get to start seeing offers roll in. However, hosting an open house comes with an element of risk. After all, there will be complete strangers wandering around your home.

Most realtors will welcome potential buyers but let them explore on their own to make them feel comfortable. This means there is a potential for something…

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Having a guest room is a great luxury that you should not take for granted. Often guest rooms end up being the catch-all room in the house; they become a storage room, a fitness room, a home office, etc.. These rooms magically transform into guest rooms five minutes before your cousins arrive, which is a fun challenge, perhaps, but not exactly effecient.

While having a catch-all room is nice, it is not the best way to utilize space in your home. If you have so much stuff that you are shoving it into a spare room, chances are you could de-clutter your home significantly. That, or use the closet space in the spare room as an organized storage space with the help of IKEA.

For a guest room to genuinely be a guest room, you need to be committed to it.…

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Spring is well underway, and summertime is quickly approaching. With the warm weather and new seasons come new activities, such as gardening, spring cleaning, backyard BBQ’s, etc.. Many of the things that we do on our property’s during the warm months have specific bylaws attached to them. Here are some to be aware of:

Property Care: The spring is a great time to do outdoor renovations. Not only is this good to do for the sake of your property’s value and maintenance, but it is also illegal to neglect outdoor areas of your property in need of renovation. The City of Calgary notes, “all balconies, decks, fences, porches and stairs must be kept in ‘good repair.’ Fines for violations range between $100 and $300.”

Spring Cleaning: With spring cleaning…

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The Calgary Real Estate Board (CREB®) had good news to report in their summary of what happened in the YYC housing market in march: the detached sector reached balanced supply and demand levels. This ideal condition gave the market a great boost, with more sales being made than there has been in the last couple of years. This is something we have been waiting for ever since the market crash, and is a testament to Calgary’s ability to bounce back from hardship.

What exactly led to these balanced conditions? CREB® president David P. Brown reports,“it’s not so much that demand went through the roof in March, but that we had less supply come onto the market, which is really helping to balance things out. These changes are lifting the cloud of uncertainty…

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There are some great events happing this month! Here is a taste of what you can expect:

Make It || April 7th – 9th || Stampede Grounds || Make It is Canada’s biggest craft sale and this weekend it is coming to Calgary. There will be over 175 vendors of artisan goods that are quality made and unique. Support home-grown shops by checking out what they have to offer. It only costs $5 to get in and there will be plenty of fun give aways, food trucks and more to keep you occupied. Grab a coffee and check it out. More information HERE.

Adults Only Night: The Final Frontier || April 13th || Telus Sparks Science Centre || Check out the adults only night happening at the science centre this month. It will be featuring everything to do with space, with a…

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The real estate market is incredibly complex, especially given the unstable conditions Calgary has been in for the last three years. This means that now, more than ever, you need to be an informed buyer. Being an informed buyer is not as easy as a quick google search and a list of must-haves. You need to be fully equipped to navigate the market. Here are a three ways you can be an informed buyer:

Know Exactly What You Want: Knowing exactly what you want in a future home is important. Make a list of must-haves, a list of want-to-haves and a list of not-required things in your future home. Having this list will help you more easily decipher what home is the best fit for you. Also decide what you want out of the area of the city you are in. Are nearby…

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