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In honor of Canada’s 150 birthday, we are featuring a different province or territory each week. This week we head to the province notoriously known by schoolchildren for being difficult to color on a map of Canada... Nunavut!

The Inuit named the land Nunavut because it means "our land" in Inuktitut. The original settlers of the territory of Nunavut were the Paleo-Eskimos, which "crossed the Bering Strait sometime around 3000 BC and moved into the Canadian Arctic Archipelago around 2500 BC, apparently because of a change in climate. From there they followed marine mammals and herds of big game land animals across all of Nunavut to Greenland" (Tourism Nunavut). The people of Nunavut continue to practice and celebrate traditions from their ancestors,…

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The Northwest Territories has so much to offer for the adventurous traveler—explore it today!

The Aurora Borealis: There is a reason why the Aurora Borealis are nicknamed the Northern Lights: because the great white north is the absolute best place to view them. The Northwest Territories are known for their beautiful Northern lights and work hard to ensure every visitor gets a chance to see them. Global News reports, “Wood Buffalo National Park, which stretches across the Northwest Territories… was designated a Dark-Sky Preserve by the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada.” This makes it the perfect place to view these dancing lights, because there is less artificial light pollution.

Historic Sites: “Here, as nowhere else in Canada, time stands…

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We love working with this builder because their properties are always crafted with the highest quality of care. 4739 22 Avenue is no exception.

This two story home will have you releasing a breath you never realized you had been holding. The open-concept property has a fully developed walk-out that leads to dramatic south valley and mountain views, giving you room to breathe and truly relax.

With approximately 2,500 square feet of development that includes four bedrooms and three and a half bathrooms, one of which is a five piece master ensuite, living space is plentiful. This property boasts a gorgeous contemporary kitchen with quartz counter tops, a gas fireplace in the living room, huge windows and two sets of glass sliding doors that open up to…

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Each week we are featuring a new province or territory on our blog as part of the Canada 150 celebrations! This week we head back up North to the Northwest Territories.

The history of the Northwest Territories dates back to 12,000 BC when most of it was locked under a glacier a mile (or more) deep. When the glacier receded it revealed beautiful land that could be settled by humans.

Spectacular Northwest Territories writes, “first here were the Dene, who’ve roamed the boreal forest for millennia…they were joined by the Inuvialuit in the Mackenzie Delta and on the Arctic coast… [and then] the Métis arrived – the vanguard of the fur trade. Settlement by Euro-Canadians stretches back barely a century – first Hudson Bay men and missionaries, then whalers…

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Looking for something fun to do in New Brunswick during your next visit? Have we inspired you to get out east and explore the beautiful Maritimes? Here are three hot-spots you do not want to miss on your New Brunswick adventure:

The Bay Of Fundy: World-renowned, awe-inspiring, a true gem--these are all words used to described the magnificent Bay of Fundy, where tides are high. Tourism New Brunswick writes, "the Bay of Fundy tides are best explored at The Hopewell Rocks, where you can walk around the famous 'flowerpot rocks' at low tide then watch them slowly disappear. Bike along the Fundy Trail, rappel down craggy cliffs at Cape Enrage, set up camp at Fundy National Park or head out to sea on a whale-watching excursion." We're sold! How about…

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The end of 2017 may be swiftly arriving (yikes!), but you still have plenty of time to list your home with Team Ken Richter. Our website has a lot of extremely helpful resources for potential buyers, because we know that a successful buyer is an educated buyer.

There is a lot of information to carefully learn and consider before you decide to search for a new home. Not sure where to start? Here is our recommendation: 

1). Visit our Buyer's Guide and fill out the form on the page. Let us know what you are looking for and any questions you may have. One of our agents will be in touch to give you all the information you need. No pressure, no hassle, just help. 

1). The Buyer's Guide is also full of helpful links to things such as our home finder,…

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Our Canada 150 series is still going strong! This week's highlighted province/territory is New Brunswick. Read on to learn more about the history of this maritime province, what makes it unique and how New Brunswick is celebrating Canada 150.

Originally inhabited for hundreds of years by indigenous people groups, the land of New Brunswick has always been treasured. Unfortunately, when European explorers arrived, these indigenous groups were pushed off the land and forced to retreat, some into extinction and others into fringe communities. As Canada has grown more culturally conscious, many efforts have been made to preserve what is left of these indigenous communities and histories. 

New Brunswick was named by King George III. Britannica writes,…

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Here are some events happening around Calgary to check out this month:

Wordfest Festival || October 9th - 15th || Various Locations || This event is every literary lovers dream come true. Enjoy panels, games and books from over 70 authors and artists as they celebrate the power of words! Avenue Calgary notes, "the highlight of this year's roster will likely be Between the Pages, an event that will gather all five of this year's Scotiabank Giller Prize finalists together." This event combines learning and fun for one incredible week. For more information, visit their website at!

Jerry Seinfeld || October 13th-14th || Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium || Whether they know him from his hit 90's T.V show, his Netflix special, or his…

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Building a home is a rather dreamy process. You get to pick where exactly to build your home and what it will look like. You finally have an excuse to be on Pinterest all the time, searching for décor and design ideas. You will be the first-ever owner in a home truly customized to your every desire. Sounds wonderful, right?

For those who can afford to build a new home from scratch, the process can be very rewarding. However, it often involves unexpected expenses, long wait times, stressful decisions and inevitable compromise. Lucky for you, there is another option for people wanting a brand new home: spec homes. 

Spec homes are built and designed by a contractor, not due to a contract with a buyer to build a home, but in hopes of finding a buyer to…

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Calgary really gets into the Halloween spirit this time of year. Looking for some fun, spooky, even scary events? Here are some you do not want to miss: 

Heritage Park Ghost Tours || September 13th - October 18th || Ever wondered what ghosts haunt Heritage Park? Join this walking tour to learn about the creepy stories of days past, staff ghost encounters and maybe even (hopefully) experience the paranormal yourself. Heritage Park may be bright and kid-friendly during the day, but at night the ghosts come to play... 

Screamfest || October 13th-18th on Fridays & Saturdays, and October 29th - 31st || This Calgary Halloween classic is a classic for a reason: it is notoriously the scariest event in the city. Walk through multiple haunted houses, such as…

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