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This 2 bedroom, 1 1/2 bathroom corner unit sits on the 19th floor in the wonderful Point McKay area. The bright kitchen and open living room make this condo feel fresh, clean and modern. This unit is currently rented on a lease for $1600/month until June 2018. The buyer can assume the tenants and take immediate possession. 

The views from this condo are incredible. Breathe easy as you take in the Bow River escarpment, the downtown core twinkling from afar. The large windows in every area of the house and a corner wrap around porch give you the perfect place to gaze out over beautiful Calgary. 

This condo has underground heated parking and a car wash. You receive a separate storage locker and mailbox, giving you security and privacy. With 24 hour…

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Last night "approximately 125 people were forced out of a building in Kensington ... after it was determined it was at risk of collapsing... Residents at Kensington Manor had only 15 minutes to gather their belongings before leaving" (Global News Calgary). As the tenants and landlord of this building grapple with this potentially devastating situation, we are all reminded that renting is not always picture-perfect. 

Many people pursue investment properties that they can rent as a form of supplementary income. Real estate is a wonderful place to invest your money and (potentially) see a massive return. However, renting a property is not as simple as finding a tenant and signing a lease. 

Others turn to rental properties as a place to live before they…

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People are very defensive over when it is appropriate to decorate for Christmas. Some do it the second Halloween is over, other's wait until after Remembrance Day, some until American Thanksgiving has passed, and others don't dare hang a single string of tinsel until December 1st. No matter when you decorate for Christmas, the biggest task is always setting up the tree. 

Real or fake, putting up a Christmas tree is quite the task. Some homes simply do not have the space for a tree, and some people simply do not have the patience for a tree. If you can identify with one of these, we have a solution: DIY Christmas trees. Here are some examples of DIY Christmas trees that will save you time and space:

1). Pallet Tree: Cut a simple wooden pallet (which…

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Our Canada 150 series is still going! This week's highlighted province/territory is Saskatchewan, our neighbor to the east. 

It is important to recognize that the Europeans did not discover a new land when they stumbled upon present day Saskatchewan. The Canadian Encyclopedia notes, "evidence of Aboriginal peoples in Saskatchewan can be traced to at least 10,000 BCE, when hunters followed the migratory herds of bison, leaving behind arrowheads and ashes." European settlement did not really begin to boom until the Royal Canadian Mounted Police were established, at which point Saskatchewan became an agricultural hub. Today, many residents can trace their ancestry back to the Ukraine or to original native inhabitants such as the Metis. 


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Quebec is rich with history and unique sights. When you plan your next visit, make sure to include the following highlights: 

Montreal's Unique Buildings: Sitting on the water's edge in an industrial area of Montreal is a unique housing structure that has drawn people from all over the globe: Habitat 67. This complex "was designed by Moshe Safdie as his graduate thesis while an architecture student at McGill University" (Atlas Obscura). Each single unit is now worth millions of dollars, offering some of Montreal's most sought-after luxury living. There is also a giant orange on the Montreal horizon "that stands a monstrous 3 stories high and 40 feet wide... [It] started out as nothing but an ambitious 'casse-croute' with a quirky, mysterious…

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There is lots happening in the community of Bowness right now! Here are some of the highlights:

  • On December 2nd the Bowness Community Association will be hosting their annual Christmas Dinner. Make sure you have your tickets (note: there is a limit of four tickets per Bowness resident). The BCA is in need of volunteers for this event, which is a fantastic way to serve the community and spread a little Christmas cheer. Click here to find the online volunteer application. Pictured on the right is Ken (far left) and Vivian (far right) volunteering at last year's event!
  • On November 25th Bowness is hosting Shop Local Saturday. This event is aimed at showcasing local shops on Main street Bowness and encouraging people to support small business owners.…

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Quebec was originally inhabited by the Algonquian, Iroquois, Inuit and Mohawk people. Some of these groups were nomadic, following their food supply. Others, like the Iroquois, settled along the St. Lawrence to farm. When Jacques Cartier arrived in present day Quebec, via the St. Lawrence, the Iroquois met him with furs to trade. This proves that they had contact with Europeans before Cartier. Cartier claimed the land as a French colony, opening the doors for mass European immigration to Canada. 

Quebec City was the first city in Quebec to be established as a permanent settlement, not simply a trading post. It was founded by Samuel De Champlain in 1608, and today is home to some of the oldest buildings in Canada. Although the British eventually seized…

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Remembrance Day is this weekend on November 11th. In honor of this significant day in Canadian history, this week on the blog we are featuring blogs on Why We Remember, The Significance of the Poppy, and today's blog on Remembrance Day Ceremonies. 

There are many opportunities to remember those who have bravely fought for Canada's freedom, and to thank those who are currently active in the military. Take a moment out of your weekend to pause and reflect on the sacrifices of Canadians past and present. Here is a list of all of the events happening around Calgary:

  • Field Of Crosses Memorial Project || November 1st - 11th || Memorial Drive between 3rd & Centre St. NW || 3000 crosses have been set up along memorial drive, each "inscribed with the…

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Join Shepard of the Hills Lutheran Church for a Christmas tea and bake sale, featuring homemade pies, cakes, cookies, squares, preserves, books, ornaments, jewelry, toys and collectibles.

They will be serving sandwiches, fruit bread, pickles, cheese, desserts, tea and coffee for you to enjoy as you browse. 

Here are more details:

  • Where: 8007 Bowness Road N.W
  • When: Saturday, December 2nd, 2017
  • Entry Cost: $6.00

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Some must-see events this month:

Disney On Ice || November 15th - 19th || $$

  • Come see your favorite Disney characters skate in the spectacular Disney on Ice show! Disney presents "Follow Your Heart," featuring characters from films such as Finding Dory, Inside Out, Frozen, Toy Story and more! This family-friendly event is a must see for all die-hard Disney fans.
  • More information here. 

Calgary Expo Holiday Market || November 25th - 26th || $

  • Brought to you by the creators of the Calgary Comic Convention, this holiday market is about to make all of your nerdy dreams come true. Dress up as your favorite character and check out the "local retailers, vendors and artists [that] sell comics, toys, collectibles and art... [Plus], if you…

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