4 Unique Smart Home Technologies

Smart Home Technology is a booming industry. What used to be the creative imagining of science fiction stories is now a reality. Homes are now being built with built-in smart home technology or retrofitted to accommodate smart home technology. These products aim to help our homes run more efficiently, from energy use to time spent.

Here are some new smart home technology products for you to check out:

Lockly: A door lock that does so much more than a simple key ever could. Digital Trends writes, “Lockly is known for its high tech smart locks that have advanced features like fingerprint sensor technology, a touchscreen keypad that moves the numbers for added security, app control, voice control, and temporary codes for guest access.”

Jupiter Mattress: The mattress that wakes you up nicely. Next GYN writes, “Eight Sleep’s Jupiter mattress monitors your sleep patterns, controls the temperatures of your bed and even knows when to wake you up (based on the “deepness” of your sleep). Need a more gentle wakening? A smart aromatherapy alarm clock senses when you are lightest in your sleep cycle and emits a specific scent to give you energy.”

GlowBowl: Light your way to the toilet, one fun color at a time. Smarter Economy writes, “Glow Bowl was invented to address safety, hygiene and our never-ending desire to have fun and unique stuff. It's the coolest way to safely navigate the bathroom at night, while eliminating those messy toilet misses... forever. Plus, it comes with a replaceable air freshener!”

Aquifer Refine: A water filter that is 10x smarter than your Britta. Digital Trends writes, “Aquifer Refine is a Wi-Fi-connected system that goes under your kitchen sink, and filters out contaminants like lead, mercury, and some pharmaceuticals. But, in addition to providing water purification, it also has a leak detection feature, which alerts you with an alarm in the event of a potential leak. Since it’s Wi-Fi-enabled, it can give you notifications for things like filter life.”

Esquire writes, “one decade ago, 4G was the hot new thing, TVs were ugly, and everyone's cell phones slid open. Just imagine what the next ten years will bring. If we really live up to our innovation potential, it'll be a slew of [new] technologies.”

What is your favorite home technology?

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