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Valentine's Day is this weekend and is worth taking a moment to celebrate, no matter what your situation is. The last year has been incredibly draining as we have been part of a collective grieving; a grieving of loss of life, plans, jobs, opportunities, and what we always considered 'normal.' So whether you're spending this Valentine's Day alone, with a partner, or with a cohort, take time to celebrate love. There is much to be thankful for, and there is love in this world for everyone. 

Here are some ideas for celebrating Valentine's Day at home, depending on your situation:

For the Solo Valentine: If you're spending this Sunday alone, take time to bask in a day or evening of self care. Order in your favorite meal from a local restaurant, watch your favorite movie or TV show, drink wine in the bathtub, do whatever it is that brings you joy! Take a moment to reflect on all the things you love about yourself and take stock of your accomplishments thus far, because you are worth celebrating. 

For the Duo Valentine: If you're at home with your romantic partner for Valentine's Day, make the day special! Get fresh goods to make a delicious meal at home together, rent a new movie from Cineplex or itunes, and put your phones away! Take time to bask in each other's presence and to start dreaming of what comes next for you. You've survived a global pandemic together, that is worth celebrating! 

For the Group Valentine: If you're celebrating with multiple Valentines, like roommates or your family, throw a Valentine's Day party! Create home-made decorations, order in pizza, have a cookie decorating competition, throw a dance party in the living room, just let loose! Being cooped up together has come with it's challenges, so take a moment to recognize the gift in quality time. 

Have a wonderful Valentine's Day!  

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