August 2022 Long Weekend Activity Ideas

Ahhh, the long weekend is here! Everyone seems to take a deep breath when a long weekend arrives, knowing they will have one more day to rest.

Did you know that in some countries, such as Belgium, nearly every workplace keeps to a four day work day? They find it makes employees more productive, and has increased levels of happiness. Instead of packing one day of your weekend with errands, you have a day just for that. After all, we were never intended to work a 40 hour work week AND take care of domestic duties. If you’re having trouble balancing it all, go easy on yourself.

This is why long weekends are so lovely. They allow time for you to really rest, and go do something if you’re so inclined! If you’re looking for something fun to do this long weekend that’s local and accessible, look no further. Here is what we recommend:

Sikome Lake: Sikome Lake is a man-made lake in SE Calgary. For just $10.00/family of four, you can enjoy the sandy beach and grassy picnic area. It gets quite deep near the center and is large enough you won’t be too squished up against anyone else. They have food on site and are a great little getaway right here in the city.

Heritage Park: If you feel like learning something and getting a good mix of sun and shade, head to Heritage Park! You can tour the historic buildings and Gasoline Ally, try old fashioned treats and drinks, enjoy old rides and the paddleboat, and interact with the actors who are a plethora of knowledge. This is fun for every age!

Your Neighbourhood: Every neighbourhood in the city has hidden gems, take advantage of yours! You know that one little care, or vintage store, or whatever else you drive by every day and think “I should check that out!”? This is your sign to check it out! Drive around your area and see what you find, you never know what magic you may stumble upon.

Have a great long weekend!

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