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Back to school season is in full swing, with many grade schools starting classes as early as August! With the back to school season comes new schedules, activities, processes, people, and so much more. It can be an overwhelming and over-stimulating couple of weeks getting settled into a new routine; so be gracious with yourself and your loved ones as you navigate this transition. We know it’s exhausting, so take care of each other.

One of the ways you can be gentle on yourself and others during this season is to celebrate the start of the school year the best way possible: by ordering take-out and putting on a family-favorite movie. Jen Hatmaker, author and speaker, encourages her readers to make the first Friday of back to school season a pizza and movie night. You may be tempted to host a big celebration, cook an elaborate meal, or go do some new activity—but don’t! You can do those things later. For now, you need space to breathe.

Let your little ones fall asleep on the couch to Disney+. Take the pressure off yourself to make some fancy, healthy meal. What’s the family’s favorite fast food? Order in. Stop asking questions about classes, teachers, friends, etc.. Just take a deep breath, and let the household be still. What you need right now is time to get your feet under you after so much change, not continue to pile on.

As Jen Hatmaker says, there is no shame in phoning it in for one night. You’ll be glad you did, and then you can tackle of the rest of the school year with all the energy and zeal required. Remember: while you never want to drop balls, some are plastic and some are glass. Plastic ones can bounce back up.

Have a great back to school season!

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