Backyard Renovations For Summertime

Imagine this: Your backyard lawn is freshly cut, making the air smell like summers from your childhood. The flower beds have been pruned and watered, and a bouquet of blossoms are on the kitchen table . The fence has a fresh coat of paint and looks brand new, the perfect backdrop for an evening out on the deck. Speaking of the deck, it's new; you finally got around to replacing it after all these years. A cold drink is in your hand and you are surrounded by loved ones. The summer has only just begun and yet you are already finished your summer to-do list. How glorious!

Does that sound incredible? We would sure like to be relaxing on that deck alongside you! It may seem unrealistic; after all, summer always tends to be more busy than relaxing, and that to-do list never seems to end. However, we would like to challenge you to take control of your summer and get your backyard ready to be enjoyed during these long summer nights, instead of avoided! It will feel so good to get this done, and if you are planning on selling your home, it is essential to get this done. Home staging includes the backyard, after all.

This is your time to dream big! Log on to Pinterest and let your creativity flow. Evaluate the space you have and start compiling ideas of what you would like to do with it. Just make sure you don't stay in this zone for the entire summer. Start thinking now, but give yourself a deadline for when final decisions need to be made.

Projects can feel overwhelming. Write out exactly what you need to accomplish so you can better strategize and prioritize. After all, it feels great to check things off a list! Watching your to-do list slowly shrink will inspire you to keep pushing until everything is taken care of. Plus, you may be surprised by how quickly you can get things done.

Finally, keep in mind the following: there is a difference between what we want, what we need, and what we think we need. Really make sure you hone in on the needs list first as those changes are critical to get done; everything else is just extra that you can do if you have the time and money, but do not need to do.

Relax! Soon enough you'll be in your lawn chair, feet up, a cold drink in your hand.

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