Backyard Renovations

After a little bit of a rainy last week, the sunshine is breaking through here in YYC. The conditions are becoming absolutely excellent to begin your backyard project. There are a number of reasons backyard renovations are a sound investment for homeowners:

1). Renovations add aesthetic value to the property. Whether you personally care about this or not, future buyers will definitely care.

2). Renovations are part of being a good steward of your property. Little renovations here and there will keep your property up to date and in good condition.

3). Renovations add an incredible amount of value to your property. A simple fresh coat of paint goes a long, long way. Do not underestimate this investment opportunity!

We understand how daunting renovations can be. Not everyone is a jack of all trades and can whip up a brand new deck with the snap of a finger one Saturday afternoon. Luckily, Calgary has a wealth of experienced contractors that love working on new projects. They are dedicated, timely, and will give you a fair price.

For example, Student Works is an excellent contractor if you need something painted. They are run by University students, so not only are you getting a great deal, but you are also helping to give jobs to hardworking students! For other contractors, check out the following website: . They list all of the contractors available in Calgary, along with the reviews of those who have used their services.

If you plan on renovating on your own, we applaud you! It can be a lot of work, but is so worth it. Not only will you end up with a beautiful new space, but you will also likely learn some new tricks you can keep up your sleeve. Our biggest recommendation is that you make sure you do your research! You may think you know exactly what you’re doing, but some research can shed light on any potential errors and/or tricks to get the job done more effectively.

Thankfully, we live in a golden age where the internet holds the answers to almost everything. Websites like often have pages with tips, tricks, and steps on how to complete different renovations. Don’t be shy, either. Go to your local hardware store and ask some of the experts there what they would suggest.

Most importantly, make sure the working conditions are safe whether it is you doing the renovations or someone else. Clean up the work space, provide shelter incase of bad weather conditions, and look into any potential electrical or gas lines that may cross paths with the work.

Enjoy the sun!

Your Real Estate Professional,

Ken Richter

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