Bowness & Montgomery

Avenue Magazine polled their readers recently, asking them if they believed their neighborhood had high property value.
The responses were complied and guess who made the top of the list? Montgomery and Bowness!

Both neighborhoods are ones that Team Ken Richter has been specializing in for years. With plenty of experience, Ken leads the way as not only one of Montgomery and Bowness’ top realtors, but one of Calgary’s top realtors. Why does Team Ken Richter like these communities so much? Here are some highlights of each:

Montgomery: Montgomery was rated number one in Avenue Magazine’s article! This does not surprise us at all—it is a fantastic neighborhood with loads to offer! With a rich history as one of Calgary’s first notable neighborhoods, Montgomery retains the charm that brought people to it in 1906. It has many pathways for beautiful bike rides, walks, runs—anything that gets you out into the beautiful green spaces it has! The community is developing and updating, homes on every block renovating extensively to keep current and modern. However, despite the contemporary changes, Montgomery remains a classic beauty.

Bowness: Bowness was rated number four on Avenue Magazine’s list, although we think it should have been right up there with Montgomery. Bowness has been rated time and time again as having the best access to parks, the strongest sense of community, and the friendliest neighborhood to live in. Just like Montgomery, it has old Alberta charm along with modern refurbishments. It is right next to the bow river, the downtown core, and major highways, making it not only beautiful, but accessible!

What makes Montgomery and Bowness so special? All of us here at Team Ken Richter believe that, among all of their other sparkling qualities, these two top neighborhoods are special because of their strong community feel. They both maintain a small-town feel while growing and evolving with the rest of the city.

When floods ravaged communities all along the Bow River, Bowness and Montgomery were hit hard. In the face of the tragedy, both communities pulled together and helped each other through the devastation. If there was ever a time when their community spirit was exemplified, it was then. To this day, it is an event that has bound the two communities together.

We are proud to represent two of Calgary’s top neighborhoods! We don’t have to lie or stretch the truth when it comes to telling people about how great Montgomery and Bowness are—both communities speak for themselves. They have so much to offer, and we hope that you fall in love with them as much as we have.


Your Real Estate Professional,

Ken Richter

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