Decorating With White

The color white is making a major comeback. 

As more people embrace minimalism and seek naturally-lit spaces, white has become the perfect color to accent design and keep rooms bright all year round. Pinterest and Instagram are dominated by photos featuring a white, luminous aesthetic. In many new homes, white cabinets, countertops and walls reign. If you look through the brand new infill homes for sale we have listed, you will see that home designers are embracing the color  white and using it to craft modern, minimalist, high-end homes. 

While white has become a hot trend in design, using it as not as simple as buying a can of pure eggshell-white paint. All-white everything is not a good idea. Even minimalist spaces need a touch of color and some variety. If you're going to decorate with the main color being white, we recommend using the following 3 tips to keep your space bright, cohesive and, most important, personal:

1). Use texture when decorating with white. For example, if all your walls are white, make one a feature wall that is white-washed brick. This keeps the color consistent, but allows a new texture to be introduced. Other ways to bring in new white textures and tones is through throw pillows, wooden coffee tables, white-granite countertops, rugs, etc..

2). Add a pop of color! Right now three really popular colors in minimalist homes are millennial pink, gold and olive green. Finding a white rug with a cute pattern of color on it, a plant to place in the corner, a hand-lettered print for the wall, or gold-brushed handles for your doors and cabinets are great ways to add a pop of color. This diversifies your rooms, shows off your personality and keeps things from becoming monotone. 

3). Take a deep breath! Here is the reality: at some point you may spill your wine, the dog may run in from the rain with dirty paws, or your kids might decide the white wall is a great canvas for their creations. These are the risks with decorating with white. Don't stress about it! There is nothing that can't be replaced, painted over, scrubbed away or embraced. Most importantly, keep a Tide-To-Go stick on you at all times. 

White can be a great color to add to your home! It will keep the space bright and clean. Have fun with it, and don't forget to let your personality come through!

Your Real Estate Professional,

Ken Richter

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