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The sky growing dark by five in the evening is always a sure sign that Christmas is around the corner and that winter has arrived (incase the heaps of snow we received did not already tip you off). While people absolutely love having one more hour to sleep due to daylight savings, the sun falling quickly always seems to throw everyone off. Even when it is daytime, the shadow of winter seems to make any stray ray of light murky and grey.

During a YYC winter, everything seems grey. The snow is grey, the side of your car is grey and the skies are grey. With all this grey it becomes difficult for sunlight to give your home the extra touch of light that it would normally have. To compensate, people must turn to artificial lighting and optical illusions. Here are some of our favourite tricks and tips to brighten up your home this winter:

1). Buy more mirrors. Not only do mirrors make rooms appear bigger, but they also reflect light and bounce it around the room. Even small mirrors can make a massive difference. Consider replacing an accent picture in a living space with a mirror, or setting one on the mantel above the fireplace. Try to pick strategic places so that the mirror catches light from the windows or a lamp.

2). Introduce bright colours to your home decor. Bright colours brighten up rooms visually. The outdoors contains enough neutral colours. Bring some poppy reds, yellows, pinks, and even some greens, into your home. They catch light, compared to dark colours which absorb light. Not only will they make your home feel lighter and brighter, but they will also have a similar effect on you.

3) Replace existing bulbs. Sometimes when lightbulbs are dying, they dim slightly. We don’t notice this because the change is gradual, but you will see a massive difference if you replace the bulb. Try LED bulbs. Not only are they environmentally friendly, but they also burn brighter than other types of bulbs.

Open the blinds, upgrade your existing light fixtures and get ready for the winter!

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