Brightening Up Your Home

February is a really fun month, filled with special events such as Valentine’s Day, Family Day, and Chinese New Year! However, it also always seems to be the longest month of the year, stretching out across a bleak horizon. Why is this? For Calgarians, it could be that February is always the coldest month of the year, and typically the last big hit of winter before things starting warming up towards spring.

This February has been exceptionally beautiful! We’ve experienced the odd cold, snowy day, but it truly has been quite warm and sunny compared to most years. We don’t want to jinx the nice weather quite yet, so we aren’t jumping straight into spring cleaning posts and summer activities. However, we thought, while we wish away the remnants of this winter, we would give you some tips for how to brighten up your home!

Spice up your space! Sometimes all it takes is a fun throw-pillow to make even the most mundane living room exceptional. We humans are easily bored, especially with decorations. One of the best ways you can brighten up your home is to buy some new, fun, colourful pieces to change things up! Remember that Target has fantastic clearance sales right now, and a beautiful home section filled with stylish pieces! Check them out!

Open up your windows and add some nice lighting! It might seem straightforward, but after months of closing the drapes to hide from the cold, dust them off and throw them wide open! The sun is shining, take advantage of it! If any room in your house is still feeling a little dark and dreary, go to Ikea and invest in some nice lamps and alternative lighting! Fun colours and patterns are a bonus.

Personalize your space! Update old photos, display awards and artwork, find some pictures that inspire you and make you feel happy! You have worked hard to be able to own your own home, so it is time to make it yours. Different shops such as Etsy have beautiful quote-art and images available for purchase. Even if it is a postcard size photo hung in the bathroom: it will help.

Last but not least, invest in some foliage! Again, Ikea has a great plant section (bonus: the kind of plants you never have to water) with stylish pots and shelves. Everyone knows the age-old saying that plants make you live longer. What do you think of when you see plants? Green, fresh, health, happy! Put some in your home!

The best way to combat the February blues is by adding some fresh, bright, fun additions to your home! It will make the space feel new and exciting again, and is sure to inspire you to keep working hard! Remember, spring is just around the corner… (knock on wood).

Your Real Estate Professional,

Ken Richter

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