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In honor of Canada’s 150 birthday, we are featuring a different province or territory each week. This week we are driving to the east coast: British Columbia.

British Columbia’s first people likely arrived in North America via the Bering Land Bridge which connected Asia and North America during the ice age. It is estimated that at their peak, over 300,000 indigenous people lived in the area now known as British Columbia (B.C). British explorer Captain James Cook was quick to set up a trading post on Vancouver Island, which is now old town Victoria, and European settlers flooded in. In 1871, B.C became the 6th province to join Canada on the promise that the Canadian Pacific Railway would be extended into interior B.C.

B.C is known across the globe for being rich in natural resources. It is right on the Pacific Ocean, overlooked by a vast mountain range, pocketed with vineyards and farmland and spotted with dense rainforests. With so many natural resources, B.C’s economy has been driven by industries such as forestry and shipping. Although one of the more expensive places to live in Canada, the Universities, major airport (YVR) and endless activity options has made B.C THE Canadian living—and tourist—destination.

There have been many Canada 150 Celebrations in B.C since the January 1st. However, one that you may not have heard of is the Canadian Coasters Tour. Here is the scoop: 200 members of the tour, representing every province, drove their classic vehicles across the country. The tour started in Victoria BC back in June, with everyone dipping their car "toes" in the Pacific Ocean. The Canadian Coasters noted, “everyday [was not] a hectic pace, our travel days [were] usually less than three hours to give lots of time to see the sites on the road less traveled and to enjoy the fellowship of car people from across this great country of ours.” The tour ended in Cupids, Newfoundland on September 1st.

The Canadian Coasters were one group of many who took to the roads to drive across Canada during this monumental year, and British Columbia was a great place to start. Next time you’re in B.C, don’t forget to dip your toes in the ocean! 

Check back here on the blog Thursday for the best hidden gems in B.C and make sure to share this with your friends!

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