Build Your Own Home Theatre

When someone says “Build Your Own Home Theatre” your knee-jerk reaction is most likely something along the lines of “I can’t afford that!” We have some good news for you: yes you can. Having a home theatre does not mean you need six rows of reclining chairs, a popcorn machine, and a T.V screen that takes up an entire wall. If you can make that happen in your home, congratulations! This article is not for you.

Most people have a T.V room, so we are going to tell you how you can transform that mundane area of the house into a home theatre! While it may seem like a frivolous expense, home theaters, in any capacity, add loads of property value! They are a fantastic investment, and fun for the whole family!

The first thing you need to do is pick what size of screen you want. This is an important first step because everything else you purchase needs to work in sync with this. While you are out buying your screen, consider purchasing a home-theatre package! They typically contain a DVD player, and surround sound. Packages can cost as low as a few hundred dollars, depending on the size and quantity of elements you want.

Once you have all of that, buy the proper shelving for it! Places such as IKEA and other home stores have amazing furniture to set you up for a great movie-watching experience! We suggest finding a cabinet for all of your DVD’s and cords, that way they are all in the same place.

Acoustics are another important part of your home theatre! Buy heavy drapes and thick carpet or rugs for the room around your theatre. They will absorb sound so that it stays close to you, rather than spreading all over the house. Nice, plush fabrics will also make your movie-watching experience cozier!

While the above elements are necessities, some fun pieces you may want to add to your home theatre are: a mini fridge for drinks, snack cupboard, a blanket rack, lots of throw pillows, and cozy new couches!

You can easily get all of this for under $1000, which in the long run is a minor investment in a very profitable, movie-watching future!

Have fun!

Your Real Estate Professional,

Ken Richter

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