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We’ve said it before, and we will say it again: right now Calgary is in the midst of an incredible hot real estate market. Houses are selling quickly, and there is not enough inventory to meet the intense demand of consumers. While we are already starting to see things cool off, experts are predicting the market will remain hot right through to the end of the summer before going back to a more normal conditions.

If you’re in the market to buy a house, this is a challenging time. We are in a Sellers Market, which means market conditions are favouring the seller over the buyer. This is the case because there are more buyers than sellers, resulting in limited inventory that is selling quickly and way over asking price. Does this mean you should put off…

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If you're like many Calgarians this spring, you may be in the market for a home!

First things first, make sure to contact us today at 403-630-6363 or email We would love to help you find your dream home. Let our experience be your advantage as you navigate this incredibly hot market. When it comes to finding a great home sweet home, we can help you filter through the listings and advise on if a home really is the dream it claims to be.

There are also things you should be looking for specifically. Here are some areas to watch for:

  1. The Neighbourhood: A great home in a bad neighbourhood does not exist. Why? Because the neighbourhood you live in is just as important as the house itself. We never recommend compromising on…
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Here are the highlights of the Calgary Real Estate Board's report, which you can read in full by clicking here:

  • "For the second month in a row, sales activity not only reached a monthly high but also hit new record highs for any given month. Gains occurred across every property type as they all hit new record highs."
  • "Inventories have remained relatively low, ensuring the market continues to favour the seller."
  • The "unadjusted benchmark price [was] $518,600 this month."
  • "Prices have risen by nearly $55,000 since December and currently sit nearly 18 per cent higher than last year’s levels."
  • "Price gains and rising lending rates are expected to weigh on demand in the second half of this year."

Each month the Calgary Real Estate…

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An Open House is the time for your home to shine. Help it shine by removing anything that may distract potential buyers from how beautiful your property is. Here are some items we recommend taking out of sight for the big day:

1). Clutter: We all have it, no matter how minimalistic our tastes are. Gather any extra clutter on countertops, bedside tables, shelves, etc. that does not serve a staging purpose and tuck it away. Whether you put it in bins beneath the stairs or stuffed into dresser drawers, make sure it is out of sight. Remember that Open House etiquette is that people will open doors, but not drawers.

2). Linens: Make sure that any towels, dishcloths, rags, etc. are put away. It does not matter if they are clean or not; throw them in…

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Calgary is in the midst of an incredibly hot real estate market. Here are some tips for making your home offer stand out: 

Get Background Information: suggests, "ask your agent to get the inside scoop of what the seller may want by asking the listing agent... Some sellers prefer you use a specific title company or have a specific possession date that would align with a date that is convenient for them. The more your offer aligns with the seller’s goal, the better a chance of getting your dream home."

Put Your Best Foot Forward: Lindsey Hood writes, "if it’s a home you don’t want to miss out on, make a strong offer from the start. Don’t underbid with the expectation that there’s room for negotiation. In a desirable market, you should…

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If you are currently in the market for your first home, you probably have lots of questions. This is a major investment of both your money and time, so you're likely feeling the weight of this as you begin your search. Ken Richter has a wealth of experience in helping first time home buyers, and he is here to help you make the most out of this moment!

Here are some tips that will make your home buying process successful: 

Tip #1: Do Your Homework: The perfect home won’t find you by itself. A key step in buying a home is doing the proper research. Educate yourself on local schools, neighborhoods, and the kinds of homes available. By reading available materials and talking with experts, you can start to put together what the perfect home looks…

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Moving homes can be a complicated process. This is why you need Ken Richter, your trusted real estate professional. With Ken's 30+ years of expertise, he'll make sure the process goes as smoothly as possible from start to finish. Another way we can help? Check out our buyers guide by clicking here, and helpful blogs like this one to give you all the tips and tricks you need along the way!

Here are 5 Common Moving Mistakes, and how you can avoid them:

1. The Forced Move: You may be surprised to learn that many people sell their homes without any plan of where they will reside next. Especially in such a hot real estate market, people are listing their homes before they’ve gotten their bearings, and selling before they come up with step 2. Make…

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Congratulations, you have decided to purchase a home! Whether you are planning on purchasing the property for personal use or as a rental/investment property, there is a lot to consider. You may feel overwhelmed as you begin to consider all that goes into purchasing a home: finding a real estate agent, getting a mortgage pre-approved, dealing with your existing property (or properties), etc. Take a deep breath.

The first thing you need to figure out is what your wants are, versus what are you needs when it comes to your new property. Here is what to do:

Make a list with two columns. One column will be for your wants, the other for your needs. 

Address the wants column first. After all, this is where you get to have fun! Your wants list may…

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In today's blog we have two items of note we are excited to share!

The first comes from Ken Richter, who writes, "I would like to personally Thank my Team, Family and all of my Valued Clients for their continued support contributing to my success as a "2021" Year-End "TOP 4" Individual Real Estate Agent at RE/MAX Real Estate (Central), the #1 Selling RE/MAX Office Worldwide for 22 Years!" This is a major accomplishment and great news to kick off the 2022 New Year! 

Second, the Calgary Real Estate Board has released their 2022 Calgary Real Estate Market Forecast Report. This is a valuable report for buyers, sellers and investors to read and understand, as it gives insight into the market that will help you strategically make decisions for the…

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In this day and age people have access to information that makes it easier for them to act as their own realtor. However, here are the top 3 reasons why having a real estate agent is so useful:

1). Experience: Here at Team Ken Richter we like to make sure our clients know that our experience is their advantage. With over 30 years of experience, we have truly seen it all. We have weathered many different market conditions, helped all different types of buyers and sellers, and have watched the City of Calgary grow and change. We apply our years of experience to every aspect of our business. When you partner with Team Ken Richter, our experience will help guide you in ways that no google search can. 

2). Knowledge: The knowledge we have gained from…

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