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Nothing says summer quite like sitting by the lake with a cold drink in one hand and a good book in the other. The air that sweeps over the water is cool and refreshing, the sound of the shore summer's best symphony. Dig your toes into the sand and wade through the water. If summer was something tangible, this would be it.    Does this all sound like a beautiful dream from a faraway place? A little too exotic for dry Alberta? For a long time it was nothing more than a pipedream. The only solution was to buy a vacation home someplace like Arizona or Radium. However, innovators quickly found a sweet solution: lakefront living.    One of the most popular trends in real estate  is crafting communities around man-made lakes to provide family's the…
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Relocating is very exciting!

It means you get to start a new adventure in a new place. Did you know that on average people relocate once every five years? No matter what the circumstances are behind your relocation, we are here to help make the process go as smoothly as possible:

1). Make sure all of your closing and move-in documents are taken care of. This is why having a real estate professional on your side is such a big asset. We can walk you through exactly what you need and what to do as you say goodbye to your old home and welcome your new one. 

2). Have your affairs in order. This means making sure all your mail will get forwarded to your new property, that things like electricity, heat and internet are all set up, that any licences…

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Owning a home is no small feat. Why? Because they are a major financial investment. One of the main things to understand about owning a property is that you will likely start paying a mortgage.

So, what is a mortgage? A mortgage is the money you pay a creditor over time in exchange for them lending you all of that money upfront to pay for your property of choice. Essentially, it is a loan you take out to finance the purchase of a property. Depending on your unique situation, the creditor (typically a bank) will determine how much money they are comfortable lending you based on things like your job, credit score, assets, etc.. Finding out how much money the bank is willing to give you usually directly determines how much money you can spend on a…

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"Walk Score" is a real estate term that gets thrown around a lot, but is rarely ever  defined. So what is this all-important walk score? A walk score is a score an address is given between 0 and 100 regarding how friendly the area is based on walkability. Variables that go into calculating this score are:

  • Area safety & Crime Rates
  • Nearby Transit & Bike Routes
  • Proximity to essential services such as Grocery stores, pharmacies, schools and businesses
  • Composition of  land (Hills, Forests, Plains, etc.)

A walk score is a fast way for potential buyers to see how, essentially, accessible their new home is based on location.

Having a high walk score is often exalted as a wonderful thing, but having a low walk score is not necessarily…

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Calgary is in the midst of an incredibly hot real estate market. Here are some tips for making your home offer stand out: 

Get Background Information: suggests, "ask your agent to get the inside scoop of what the seller may want by asking the listing agent... ask your agent to inquire about the seller’s preferences and what they may want. Some sellers prefer you use a specific title company or have a specific possession date that would align with a date that is convenient for them. The more your offer aligns with the seller’s goal, the better a chance of getting your dream home."

Put Your Best Foot Forward: Lindsey Hood writes, "if it’s a home you don’t want to miss out on, make a strong offer from the start. Don’t underbid with the…

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Some homes are temporary landing pads. They may be a rental place while you save for your first deposit, a smaller property you use to build equity towards something larger one day, or something else. Whatever it is, it served you well, but now it's time to find that forever home people write stories about.

By forever home, we don't necessarily mean forever. We just mean a property that is going to be a long term home, where you will likely spend the majority of your years. This home will hold a significant place in your heart and memories, so make sure to choose carefully! The following are some tips on what to look for and keep in mind as you search for your forever home:

First, recognize that this isn't a situation you need to rush into. Take…

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Making the decision to find a retirement home can be difficult financially and emotionally. The reason? For most this means moving away from a home they have had for many years.

One local Calgarian described how difficult it was to make the decision to sell the home she had lived in with her late husband for over thirty years. They had made so many memories in that house, and poured their whole hearts into it. She noted that while leaving was hard, the transition gave her freedom to move into the next stage of life, onto the next adventure. Now she lives in a condo near her grandkids that has given her the financial and physical freedom to travel and spend more quality time with her family. She said the decision to find a retirement home was…

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Right now is a great time to enter the real estate market.

While many people did not believe we would be saying that anytime soon due to the ongoing shutdowns and restrictions that came from coronavirus, we are pleased to report that Calgary’s current real estate market is hot! Whether you are looking to buy or sell, now is a great time to spring into action.

We are currently in a Seller’s market. If you’ve been considering putting your home on the market, now is a great time to do so. The Calgary Board of Real Estate reports, “Conditions are [strongest] in the detached sector of the market, especially for product priced below $600,000, where strong sellers’ market conditions are present with less than two months of supply.” List your property…

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Buying a home is an incredibly exciting process, especially once you have found a home you like! Many buyers are overwhelmed with excitement as they walk through a home that feels like the perfect fit: the neighbourhood is great, it's close to work and schools, the home itself has everything on their 'needs' list and even a handful of things on their 'wants' list. It's sparkling with that staged home look and they're already imagining where their belongings will find a new sweet spot. An offer is made and accepted, and the home officially is set to (hopefully) go to the new owners after the specified time. They find a home inspector just to make sure everything looks okay under the hood, and...

Mold. Cracks in the foundation. Pipes that need…

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Welcome to the big, beautiful world of real estate! We are so excited to have you here. What a way to kick off 2021!

If you are looking to buy a home, you have come to the right spot. With thirty plus years of experience helping people buy and sell homes all across the city, Ken Richter is the perfect person to make your home-sweet-home dreams come true. We would love to sit down (virtually, of course) with you and begin the conversation on what you are looking for and how Team Ken Richter can help you get there. Contact Ken directly at 403-630-6363 to set that up.

In the meantime, take a moment to explore our website. It's not just here to look pretty: it's here to be an invaluable resource. Here is a brief breakdown of all the exciting content…

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