Calgary Home Renovation Show

The Calgary Renovation Show is hitting the BMO Centre this weekend from January 13th – January 15th. cNot sure what this show is? You make know it was the Calgary Home + Garden Show, because it was recently re-branded. Although the name may be different this year, the quality of the show will remain and–in many cases–exceed previous years.

There are going to be over 200 vendors at the show to share their ideas and innovations with you. Whether you are looking for some inspiration for your next home renovation or are wanting to find a contractor to work with, this show promises to shower you with new ideas, innovations and contacts.

Just like in previous years, there will be keynote speakers on the MainStage. Here is the lineup for this year:

Jillian Harris and Justin Pasutto from Love It Or List It: Vancouver || Advice to Help Your Relationship Survive a Remodel || This dynamic duo are powerhouses on their show where they work with couples wanting a fresh start with their home. They are passionate about what they do, incredibly witty and are sure to provide you with great advice on this important topic.

Mike Holmes Jr. from Holmes & Holmes || Renovating Right || Mike Holmes Jr. comes from a renovation contractor dynasty. He has grown up in the industry and studied the craft his entire life. If there is anyone out there qualified to give you advice on your next home renovation, it is Mike. Check him out!

Danielle Bryk from Flip Addict || Design Trends & Reno Tips || You will never, ever in your entire life meet someone with such a romantic eye for design while simultaneously knowing exactly how to knock out a wall (okay, that may be a hyperbole, but you get what we’re saying). Danielle is fully equipped to design the most delicate, romantic, whimsical spaces while also not being afraid to get some sweat on her brow. If you’re looking to re-design a space in your home, check her out.

Rosalyn Lazaruk from Wicket Blue Interiors || Renovation Runway || Rosalyn is ready to bring the hottest design trends of 2017 to the Calgary Renovation Show stage. Stay up-to-date on what is in, what is out and how to use what you already have to bring your home up to date. For those of you who love cutting edge designs, this presentation is for you.

Clare Gardner from Clare Gardner Designs || The Step by Step Design Guide for Your Next Renovation || Clare wants to help you plan your next design project in the most effective, strategic way possible. Her designs are all about maximizing space and bringing properties to life. Check her out!

Does that alone convince you to come out to the show? How would you feel if we told you there are FOUR other amazing presentations happening, prizes to be won and renovations to be savoured? Go to the Calgary Home Renovation Show’s website HERE to buy your ticks (if you buy online you can save $3) before it is too late!

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