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Like so many other summer holidays, this August Long Weekend looks a little different thanks to COVID-19. Not only are the usual festivities cancelled, but as of August 1st Calgary's Mandatory Masks bylaw begins.

On the City of Calgary's official website they write, "in times of need or crisis, our city comes together to support each other. We are known for our kindness. For the safety and protection of our community, the City of Calgary will [now] require the wearing of face coverings or masks in indoor public areas and public vehicles. Our primary focus is on educating Calgarians on the importance of wearing face coverings in indoor public spaces and public vehicles, rather than enforcement.Failure to wear a face covering where required can result in

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Campgrounds in Alberta are always full, but this year most are booked solid. If you didn't book your campsite back in May when reservations opened, chances are you are going to have an incredibly hard time finding a spot. However, that doesn't mean you can't get outside and enjoy the great outdoors. Alberta has a lot of overnight sights, but also a lot of day use picnic areas that are first come, first served. Unload your camper and spend the day by the water, roasting marshmallows and enjoying some camping, even if modified. Here are some day use areas near Calgary, Alberta for you to check out:


  1. Canoe Meadows
  2.  Two Jack Lake
  3.  Quarry Lake
  4.  Moraine Lake
  5.  Sheep Falls
  6.  Wedge Pond
  7.  Beave Lodge
  8. Forgetmenot Pond
  9.  Elbow
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Check out these great day trip options! Please keep in mind it is best to call ahead to all locations to learn more about what precautions they are taking and need you to adhere to due to the ongoing COVID-10 pandemic. 

The Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology: 

The Drumheller dinosaur museum is at the top of our list because there is so much available for you to do when you go there. First, enjoy the beautiful drive through the heart of Alberta's prairies that slowly turn into the badlands. In the town of Drumheller there are plenty of places to stop for lunch, along with over 30 dinosaur statues hidden around the town. Don't forget to climb the world's biggest dinosaur statue, a massive T-Rex standing 86 ft. tall, at the heart of Drumheller. The

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Due to the COVID-19 virus, many events across the City of Calgary are being cancelled or rescheduled. Venues and businesses are following the advice of Alberta Health Services and adjusting daily to ensure patrons have a safe, positive experience. We strongly recommend that you connect with any place you were planning on attending an event to see what the latest status is. 

We would also like to take this opportunity to encourage you to practice safe social distancing and self quarantine. Everyone's participation is required if we want to see the end of this global pandemic. For information on how you can keep yourself and you loved ones safe during these unpredictable times, we recommend going right to the source! Visit Alberta Health

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Calgarians love to travel. With winter approaching, people are beginning to make travel plans to sneak away from it all as soon as it gets cold. While trips are fun to plan, there is a lot to remember to do. Here are 4 simple things to keep in mind as you make your vacation plans:

1). If you are planing to fly internationally, check your passport to make sure it is updated and has not expired/will not expire during your trip. You don’t want to be caught a week before your trip with no valid passport. To renew a passport, get professional passport photos taken (places such as London Drugs, Superstore, Walmart, etc. offer this service specifically). Print off a renewal form and fill it out at home to save time, then bring all the necessary documents to a

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Do you have guests visiting the city and wanting an authentic Calgary experience? Don't miss a beat; check out these ten places around the city that showcase the best of what Calgary has to offer. 

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We live in an absolutely stunning province. Alberta is world-renowned—people travel from all across the world to visit this incredible place. Big blue skies and mountain views are hard to come by, and if you ask anyone who has traveled lots or moved elsewhere, they always remark on the beauty of the land being one of the things they miss most about being here. 

We are so lucky to live in this beautiful place, and as such, we need to take advantage of all it has to offer! So many people live their life saying “It’s RIGHT here, I’ll get to it eventually…” and then they never do! Make sure to check out the following places to explore in Alberta and soak in all the beauty this land has to offer. 

The Grotto: The Grotto is located just outside of

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Newfoundland & Labrador is Canada's most eastern province, with Labrador attached to the northwest corner of Quebec and Newfoundland hanging off into the Atlantic ocean as an island. The name for this province is Portuguese, but also has significance in the native language of Inuttitut. Newfoundland means "terra nova" in Portuguese, which translates to "new land." The name Labrador is derived from the surname of Fernandes Lavrador, a Portuguese explorer. It also translates to "the big land" in Inuttitut.

Newfoundland & Labrador has a long history of habitation, dating back 9,000 years. While many different indigenous groups occupied the land in relative harmony, by the time of European contact only the Beothuk remained. The Beothuk passionately

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The end of our Canada 150 series is being amalgamated into our Christmas Advent blogging. Today we are talking all about Calgary's friend to the east, Manitoba. Learn all about this beautiful province and some of its unique attractions!

Turtle Mountain, part of which resides in present day Manitoba, was the first area of land to be exposed following the ice age. This made it an ideal spot for First Nations groups to settle. European explorers first came to Manitoba via the Hudson's Bay--named after explorer Henry Hudson whose crew abandoned him. The Hudson's Bay Trading Post was swiftly established, and soon, much like what happened in the rest of Canada, European immigrants flooded in. 

Manitoba was the fifth province to join Canada on July 15th,

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Our Canada 150 series is still going! This week's highlighted province/territory is Saskatchewan, our neighbor to the east. 

It is important to recognize that the Europeans did not discover a new land when they stumbled upon present day Saskatchewan. The Canadian Encyclopedia notes, "evidence of Aboriginal peoples in Saskatchewan can be traced to at least 10,000 BCE, when hunters followed the migratory herds of bison, leaving behind arrowheads and ashes." European settlement did not really begin to boom until the Royal Canadian Mounted Police were established, at which point Saskatchewan became an agricultural hub. Today, many residents can trace their ancestry back to the Ukraine or to original native inhabitants such as the Metis. 


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