Home Maintenance

Home Maintenance

Navigating the Canadian real estate market involves more than just finding the perfect property. You also need to understand the financial responsibilities tied to property ownership, such as property taxes. As a homeowner in Canada, comprehending the intricacies of property taxes is crucial. Here are some notes to get you started:

  1. Property Assessment: Property taxes in Canada are based on the assessed value of your property. Municipalities assess properties periodically to determine their market value. The assessment is a key factor in calculating property taxes.
  2. Municipal Jurisdiction: Property taxes are administered by local municipalities, which use the revenue to fund services such as schools, roads, garbage collection, and public…

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Its been a very warm fall-to-winter transition here in Calgary, Alberta, but we all know that won't last forever...

The colder months bring unique challenges that require homeowners to take proactive steps to protect their homes from the harsh weather conditions. Here are essential tips for maintaining a safe and well-cared-for property during the winter season.

  1. Inspect and Maintain Heating Systems: Before winter sets in with full force, have your heating systems, including furnaces, boilers, and chimneys, professionally inspected and serviced. Also make sure to clean or replace air filters regularly to ensure optimal performance.
  2. Protect Pipes from Freezing: Prevent pipes from freezing by insulating them. Shut off exterior faucets and…

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When winter descends with its icy grip on Calgary, Alberta, it's essential to ensure your home is well-prepared to withstand the deep freeze. The bitter cold, snow, and freezing temperatures can take a toll on your property and your comfort. Well, Calgary: next week it's going to get cold!

To keep your home warm, safe, and functioning smoothly throughout the winter months, here are some important tips to consider.

  1. Service Your Heating System: Before winter arrives, have your heating system professionally serviced. This ensures that it's working efficiently and reduces the risk of breakdowns during the coldest months. Replace air filters regularly to maintain good indoor air quality.
  2. Draft Guards and Weatherstripping: Install draft guards…

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As the vibrant hues of summer give way to the warm and cozy tones of fall, your garden requires a thoughtful transition to align with the changing season. Transitioning your garden from summer to fall ensures that it remains a beautiful and inviting space as the weather cools down. Here are some essential tips to guide you through this seasonal shift.

  1. Clear Out Summer Annuals: Bid farewell to your summer annuals that may have started to fade. Remove these plants and replace them with cold-hardy options like chrysanthemums, pansies, and ornamental kale, which thrive in cooler temperatures.

  2. Prune and Trim: Give your garden a tidy appearance by pruning back any overgrown or dead foliage. This not only enhances the garden's aesthetics…

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Spring is the perfect time to give your home a fresh start by diving into a deep cleaning session. As the seasons change, it's important to declutter, organize, and refresh your living space. In this blog post, we will discuss three essential tips for achieving a thorough and effective spring cleaning:

  1. Create a Cleaning Plan: Before you embark on your deep cleaning journey, it's crucial to create a cleaning plan. Start by making a checklist of the areas in your home that require attention, such as the kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, and common areas. Break down each room into specific tasks, such as dusting, vacuuming, washing windows, and decluttering. Having a well-structured plan will help you stay focused and ensure that no area is overlooked…

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Winterizing your home is important because by doing so you are protecting your greatest asset. There are many items to winterize before a deep freeze: you should clear out rain gutters, flush outside hoses, finish any paint touch ups, do a landfill run if necessary, and so much more. Again: this is all about making sure your home survives the extreme cold. Especially in a country like Canada, where such extreme weather is experienced, winterizing is key.

One major winterizing task people are quick to forget about is their outside doors. While it may seem simple enough—they close, they lock, you move on—these are crucial to prepare for winter.

First, you want to make sure that your door closes easily and the hinges are well greased. Stiff doors…

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Gardening season is upon us, and the secret to a great garden is great soil. What makes soil great? Compost!

Thanks to the City of Calgary, every home has a Green Compost Bin. You can regularly put compost waste in it for collection, or you can keep it inside your yard and do your own thing. If you choose to make your own compost, here is what you need to do:

Add Base: Food scraps are the base for your compost. You can basically compost any kind of food, except for meat & dairy products. This is because meat and dairy will attract rodents and maggots, but also compromises the nutrient balance of the compost. Have a mini compost container in your kitchen for easy access, then regularly dump it into your compost bin outside and clean it to reduce…

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It is time to prepare for snow, Calgary.

We have had a beautiful, mild autumn this year! All of us here at Team Ken Richter hope you have had a chance to get outside and enjoy it. If not, take advantage of this weekend! Temperatures are expected to rise to 6 degrees Celsius, so get a warm drink and go soak in the sunshine.

With snow coming soon whether we want it or not, here are some items to take care of before it’s minus thirty with wind chill and these tasks become much more arduous:

Lawn Care: Rake up your leaves, give your lawn one last mow, remove any dead branches, tidy up the plant beds and take out your shovel from the shed. We recommend putting wooden stakes in the grass along flower beds so you don’t accidently shovel away your…

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Every fall we write about winterizing your home. This is because properly winterizing your home is extremely important. Your property is precious and valuable, do not risk it being damaged. Think of it like a child you need to bundle up in the wintertime. The weather has been beautiful so far, but we all know that with Halloween quickly approaching, snow is inevitably on the horizon...

First things first, make sure the structure of your home is in top condition. Pay particular attention to the roof, windowsills and siding. Winter can get wet quickly with Calgary chinooks, so limiting your chances of leakage is crucial. Heavy snow can also collapse already damaged roofs, so again, take care of these right away.

Pipes can be another major problem…

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There are many reasons why homeowners decide to change their windows, including: water leakage, drafty seams, too much condensation (which can cause mould to grow on the interior), lack of outdoor noise control, poor temperature regulation, etc.. While cracks or breaks on the surface of the window are obvious cause for immediate replacement, the listed reasons for changing your windows are gradual issues that you need to keep a cautious eye on.

Many people choose to hire a contractor to come replace their windows. This is certainly a wise idea for large and/or heavy windows that will require precise professional care. However, for your average window, you can easily replace it yourself so long as you exercise extreme control and care. Don’t be…

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