Seasonal Holidays

Seasonal Holidays

Father's Day is this weekend! What an excellent opportunity to celebrate the incredible father-figures in your life. If you're still looking for a token of your love and appreciation, here are some gift ideas:

Carhartt Deluxe Lunch Cooler Bag: "Perfect for toting to work or game day tailgates, the water-resistant Carhartt Deluxe Lunch Cooler Bag has an insulated main compartment to keep snacks and lunches cool, and is big enough to store a six-pack of soda or beer. It also features a separate top dome that can hold additional foods or beverages, while the front zippered compartment is great for keeping smaller items like keys, utensils, or napkins safely in place" (Real Simple).

Motion-Activated Head-Lamp: "We love headlamps for everything from…

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Mother’s Day is this Sunday!

What a great opportunity to honour the hard work and love of mothers everywhere.  Here at Team Ken Richter we are very thankful for for the women who have shaped us into the people we are. One of the ways you can show the mothers in your life some love is by blessing them with a gift.

Here are some gift ideas that spoil the mother in your life, and give you two some quality time together:

1). Dinner & Movie: This one is a classic, but a great way to treat your mom to a night out and spend quality time with her. Often times different restaurant’s have deals or special menu items to celebrate Mother’s Day. There are also often movies that center around a relationship with a mother that come out. Check showtimes and…

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Happy Earth Day, everyone! 

The mission of Earth Day is to “honor and celebrate our remarkable planet on this extraordinary day. Earth Day is a reminder of the importance of environmental conservation and sustainability, encouraging us to come together and take action for a healthier planet and brighter future. Let's unite in our efforts to protect the Earth today and for generations to come. Together, we can make a meaningful impact and create a more sustainable world” (Earth Day).

In light of Earth Day, here are 3 small products to implement in your home that make a big impact over time:

Beeswax Wraps: Beeswax Wraps replace the need for plastic wrap and Ziploc bags. They cost around five to ten dollars, and can be used for a long time…

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Happy Easter!

It feels rather strange the Easter comes so early this year, but we're excited for the long weekend and time to spend with loved ones. If you're hosting the Easter gathering this year, here are some tips:

  • Create a festive atmosphere by decorating your home with Easter-themed decorations. Consider using fresh flowers, pastel-colored tableware, and Easter eggs as part of your decor. Don't forget to set the table with care, using your best linens and tableware to create an elegant and inviting setting.
  • Easter is often associated with delicious food, so be sure to plan a menu that will delight your guests. Consider serving traditional Easter dishes such as ham, lamb, or a spring vegetable quiche. Don't forget to include a variety…

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St. Patrick's Day is right around the corner, and we can't wait to bask in a little Irish luck! Calgary, Alberta may be a wee bit far from Ireland (6,600 KM separate Calgary and Dublin!), there are still plenty of ways to celebrate St. Patrick's Day right here in the city! For those looking for some inspiration, here are some recommendations:

  • Spend the day at St. Patrick's Island! It just seems obvious, doesn't it? St. Patrick's Island is full of parks, pathways, art installations, and more. Rent a scooter or take a stroll. The trees are starting to bud and greener pastures are on the horizon, so get a head start on enjoying the fresh spring air by spending the day basking in it. 
  • Check out an Irish Pub! Calgary is home to so many Irish pubs,…

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Sound the alarm! Valentine's Day is TOMORROW, so mark your calendar! While some people do not like Valentine's Day, brushing it off as a Hallmark Card holiday, we always appreciate an opportunity to show people we love them. Here are some ways to spread  love to everyone in your life this Valentine's Day, regardless of your relationship status: 

  • For your Coworkers: Nothing says 'I Love You' at the office quite like a box of Tim Horton's Donuts and fresh coffee. It is a classic Canadian gesture and will be sure to have the break room raving.
  • For your Family: Most families appreciate nothing more than quality time. Carve out an evening to get together for dinner and board games, or to watch the big game. Being in each others presence is…

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All of us here at Team Ken Richter wish you and your loved ones a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

In Miracle on 34th Street, the classic film and Children's book, author Valentine Davies says, "Christmas isn’t just a day. It’s a frame of mind." May all that is beautiful, meaningful, and brings you joy be yours this holiday season, and throughout the coming year.

They call it the most wonderful time of the year, and you are the most wonderful part of our business. Thank you for making this year, and every year, so memorable. We look forward to working with you, your family, and friends for many years to come! 

Happy Holidays! 

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The holiday season, often associated with joy and festivities, can also bring about stress and overwhelming feelings. Amidst the hustle and bustle, prioritizing self-care becomes essential to maintain mental, emotional, and physical well-being. After all, you cannot pour from an empty cup. Here are some valuable tips to ensure self-care remains a priority during the holiday season:

  1. Set Boundaries and Prioritize: Establish boundaries to protect your time and energy. Learn to say no to commitments that may overwhelm you and prioritize activities that bring you joy and peace.
  2. Practice Mindfulness and Presence: Engage in mindfulness practices to stay present and grounded. Take moments to breathe deeply, meditate, or simply be mindful of the…

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In Calgary we are blessed (and somewhat stressed) to get all four seasons. It means that in the spring we get rain and fresh blooms, that the summer brings hot sunny days, the in the fall we can walk through crunchy golden leaves, and that in the winter we get a blanket of snow over beautiful Calgary. In many other places in the world, they are lucky to experience two seasons, let alone all four. 

Because we get all four seasons, Calgary has worked hard to make sure that there are activity opportunities for residents no matter what the weather looks like outside. One way they have done this is by efficiently transforming sites from season to season, adapting to each new need. The best example of this is the Bowness Lagoon. 

The Bowness Lagoon…

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Christmas is right around the corner! Did you know that December 21st is the busiest day of the holiday shopping season? It's estimated that 600-700 credit and debit card transactions are made in relation to holiday shopping and preparation every single second. That is absolutely astronomical!

We hope you don't wait until the absolute bitter end to do your holiday shopping, but let's be honest: shopping anytime in December can feel like a mad-dash. If you are one of the brave souls heading out into the wild Calgary streets to finish your holiday shopping, we've got some tips for you:

1). Make a list, check it twice. Head to the stores with what you need in mind, and make sure the shops you'll be visiting have your items in stock. This will save…

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