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Nothing is as exciting and terrifying as bringing your little newborn home for the first time. Suddenly, every falling leaf is simultaneously a threat and an adorable new experience for your enchanted baby. What was a home for two adults is now going to be a home for two very tired adults and one curious child.

You may know not to climb into the toilet or spray mysterious concoctions onto your face, but a baby is relatively naïve when it comes to these things. How do you prevent anything harmful from happening to your little one in a mysterious house filled with hundreds of things to explore? Child-Proof.

It is a saying that was coined once parents around the globe discovered that little hands can open up just about anything if there is enough desire to. Child-Proofing is the act of taking preventative measures to ensure that nothing in your home can harm you brand new baby. Obviously you cannot completely and wholly child-proof your home, unless you live in a padded plastic bubble, of course. However, here are some things that you can do to make your home as safe as possible for wide-eyed little ones:

1). Put safety locks on all cabinets and drawers. It may seem like an inconvenience for you, but you’ll get used it. Your baby won’t get used to it, which will protect them from pulling out harmful appliances or finding dangerous cleaning products and medication.

2). Purchase one or two gates to keep your baby confined in one area of the house. Not only will this keep them from tumbling down the stairs or crawling away and disappearing, but it will allow you to keep a better eye on them when you have work to do! You are not imprisoning them, you are simply regulating their play space.

3). Put bumpers on all sharp edges! Bumpers ensure that your child won’t smash into sharp corners. Babies are tough, but they’re not that tough. You can find these handy bumpers in multiple colours to ensure both aesthetic and protective value!

4). Put all locks on gates as high as you can! Toddlers like to roam free and wild, and tend to have an affinity for unlocking and unhinging things. Prevent this by making sure locks and hinges are not accessible! This is particularly important for outdoor spaces.

5). Install a baby monitor in your child’s room! This will allow you to hear what is going on. Particularly, any times your child tries to make a prison break and escape their room when they should be resting.

Make your home a safe environment for your child!

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