Christmas Baking

Christmas is a season of beautiful decorations, snowmen, carols, and treats! Everyone’s inner baker comes out this time of year, and we are delighted to share some yummy treats with you! Baking is such a great way to spend time with the people you love, and join in community over a common adoration for sugar and sweets. Here are our top ten recipes for this Christmas:

1). Turkish Delight: Deliciously reminiscent of the Chronicles Of Narnia, Turkish delight will make you a little more sympathetic towards Edmund and filled with sugary goodness to keep you up during late night gift-wrapping.

Check out the recipe here:

2). Frosty The Snowmen Pretzels: Salted chocolates are all the rage this Christmas season, so combine all your favourite treats to make these adorable snowmen! They are perfect for parties, especially ones filled with hungry kids.

Check out the recipe here:

3). Popcorn Snowballs: These are the perfect treat for Christmas movie watching, and Christmas Eve munching! They are easy to make, completely customizable, and delicious when fresh!

Check out the recipe here:

4). Gingerbread Cookies with Eggnog Icing: Gingerbread and eggnog are essentials to Christmas cooking, so what could be better? Add some cinnamon on the top and get ready for a twist on traditional favorites.

Check out the recipe here for Gingerbread Cookies:

Check out the recipe here for Eggnog Icing:

5). Peppermint Chocolate Marshmallows: Wanting something to stir up your hot chocolate with? Try out these yummy, edible stir sticks!

Check out the recipe here:

Put on some Christmas music, stock up on ingredients, and settle in for an evening of baking! Remember that homemade treats make excellent hostess gifts, party favors, and presents for teachers and neighbors.

What is your favourite Christmas recipe? Let us know!

Happy baking!


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