Condo Gardening

Even if you live in a condo doesn’t mean you have to give up gardening. But it does mean you have some unique considerations when it comes to exercising your green thumb.

For starters, be sure to read the governing documents to see what restrictions you might face: there may be limits as to how much weight you can have on your balcony, certain kinds of plantings that may be prohibited (due to their attractiveness to pests), and/or you might not be allowed to affix anything to your balcony, such as hanging baskets and planter boxes.

You’ll have to carefully consider your choice of plants given your unit’s location. If you have a north-facing balcony, or one that’s simply steeped in shade due to a large overhang, you aren’t likely to have much success growing vegetables, fruits, and most herbs.

Keep in mind, too, that container plants (a mainstay of small-space gardens) tend to dry out faster than those in the ground. It can also get rather windy up on a condo balcony, wicking even more moisture away from your plants. So condo gardeners need to be especially diligent with watering. But don’t overdo it: too much water is the top cause of root rot. Make sure to have a tray underneath all of your pots to ensure water does not run onto your neighbour’s balcony below.

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