COVID-19 Update

In 2013 when flooding ravaged our beautiful city, the Calgary Stampede released their new slogan for the year: "come hell or high water." In a lot of ways the onset of Summer 2020 has felt similar to 2013, as COVID-19 continues to impact our city. There is a sense of fragility, weariness, and uncertainty about what is to come. People are wondering how as a city--and a world--we will ever come back from the ways this pandemic has impacted us politically, economically, mentally and physically. However, just like in 2013, Calgarians are standing strong, come hell or high water.

In 2020 we have seen and experienced unimaginable suffering. We have also seen and experienced inspiring heroics and hope. The City of Calgary has pulled together to make sure that everyone comes out of this pandemic stronger than ever. We have cheered on our porches for our frontline workers, diligently kept 6 feet of distance and worn masks to protect ourselves and others, stayed home even when the snow melted and we desperately wanted to go outside, and lifted up our most vulnerable citizens during this time of incredible need. 

To those of you who have shown the world the incredible kindness and resilience of Calgarians, we thank you. 

We are also excited to share some good news! In our market updates a trend has slowly been revealed. As you know, just like everything else, the housing market took a huge hit when coronavirus shut down the world back in March. Economists reported that Calgary experienced an economic toll not seen since World War 2. We saw a near housing market stop as houses stayed on the market and monthly sales plummeted. However, as the world has begun to emerge, the housing market is slowly recovering; though it remains a mixed bag.

Calgary Real Estate Board Chief economist Ann-Marie Lurie says, "The initial shock of COVID-19 and social distancing measure is starting to ease. This is bringing some buyers and sellers back to the market. However, this market continues to remain far from normal and prices are trending down." For more information on this from CREB, the Calgary Real Estate Board, visit their website by clicking here!

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