Crafting Productive Work Space

New year, new me, new goals, new willpower, new drive, same…old…workspace. The problem with new years resolutions is that they are made on the balconies of ballrooms with champagne in hand, but violently actualized in the mundane spaces of years past. Everything is sparkly and new until we sit down at our old desk with our old resolutions stuffed in dusty drawers, staring at the pages of a blank notebook with the same lethargic sigh. New year, same me.

The number one most important part of beginning a new resolution is maintaining your initial drive and following through. Old workspaces do not help this. Old workspaces are filled with the remnants of past abandoned resolutions. This is why in order to keep your new resolution, you need to craft a new space. Here’s what to do:

1). Asses what your goal is and design a space that reflects the heart of said goal. For example, if your goal is to be more healthy, create a healthy space. Empty out the snack drawer, swap out artificial lights for natural lights, make space for your work out gear, yoga mat and running shoes. Put inspirational quotes on the board. If you want to finish that novel you started but can never stay focused long enough to finish, empty the room of everything you don’t need and keep it minimal. Let your room reflect the heart of your resolution.

2). Figure out an organizing system that works best for YOU. For some people this is a detailed, colour-coded, labeled filing system. For others this is an old suitcase stuffed with papers. Whatever it is that keeps you organized and on track, stick with it. Don’t let other people invade your space and mess with your things. Keep it simple and straightforward–however that may look for you.

3). Craft a visual that will remind you of your goals and–more importantly–your progress. Give yourself reasonable goals that you can achieve, baby steps and all. Maybe the first thing on your list isn’t to launch your social media platform. Maybe the first step is as simple as vacuuming the floor. Whatever it is, track your progress and celebrate the baby steps! Make sure your workspace has some sort of visual to help you do this. Frame everything in a positive way. Visuals are powerful!

Have fun with it! This year is YOURS. We believe in you!

Your Real Estate Professional,

Ken Richter

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