Creating a Cost-Friendly Home Theatre

Having a home theatre produces a rather romantic vision. Plush seating, tasty treats, moody lighting, your favorite film on the big screen, surrounded by loved ones—or enjoying some much needed alone time. It’s easy to imagine grand home theatres in large homes where money is no issue, but what about for the average person?

We’re here to tell you that your home theatre dreams are possible, no matter what your budget. Here are some tips on how to create the perfect home theatre:

1). Choose your space. This could be where your TV screen already sits, or it could be a newly designated room. Whether your home theatre exists on its own or in the living room, it’s going to be great. Make sure it’s a space that can be quiet and calm, uninterrupted.

2). Get comfy. Places such as Walmart, Superstore, IKEA, and Home Sense have tons of options for making a space cozy and plush. You can buy new seating, or just add some comfort to your existing seating with soft blankets and squishy pillows.

3). Create atmosphere. Twinkly lights, your favorite vintage film poster, a well framed screen and more can all add to the atmosphere of the space. If you’re in a shared space, make sure the items you choose can transition out of home theatre mode.

4). Get Snacks. One of the paramount theatre experiences is the snacks. Set up a little cart or cabinet filled with your favorite snacks and drinks. We recommend splurging on a small popcorn popper and some fun toppings. Snacks make the film better!

5). Find Your Films. This may mean purchasing physical DVDs or buying digital files from somewhere like Cineplex, Amazon or Itunes. Make sure your subscriptions to Prime, Netflix, Disney+ etc. are all up to date. It’s a new age for film lovers!

Most importantly, create a space that serves you and brings you joy. You don’t have to break the bank to create something you’ll love!

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